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Beaded Ornament

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FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Ball, 2-1/2″ diameter

Other Materials:
Beads in varying sizes & shades of green, 3 – 5 oz. total
Bead pins, 1″ length; approximately 200
Silver embroidery floss, 12″ length
Craft Bond™ Tacky Glue*


  1. Select three to five different beads
  2. Squeeze puddle of glue onto small area of ball. Insert pin into bead and press into ball in the glued area. Repeat with several more pins and beads to create an interesting arrangement.
  3. Repeat this technique in a larger area.
  4. Continue process until ball is covered, leaving enough space at the top for one bead. Squeeze puddle of glue in open space. Tie ends of floss into knot. Insert beaded pin through middle of knot and into open space of ornament, pressing bead down into glue.  Let dry. Then hang as desired.

– Make various color ornaments and place in a glass bowl to display on dining
room table or end table.
– Hang ornaments on a wreath or swag to decorate around a mantle, mirror
or doorway.
– For various holidays, use variations of colored ornaments to decorate
a tree to be left out all year long.

SOURCES as photographed
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Columbus, OH 43219

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