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Topiary Trio

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FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Balls, one 5″, two 4″ and one 3.5″ (or 3″) diameter
Design It: Silk & Naturals®, Desert Foam® Half Balls, three 4 7/8″diameter

Other Materials:
Design Master®:
ColorTool® Spray Color: White, Hyacinth (lavender), Aspen (yellow) Turquoise and
Robin’s Egg (light blue)
Clay pots, three 5″ diameter x 5″ tall
Wood dowels, 1/2″ diameter, two 18″ and one 15″ lengths
Paper flowers, white, four – five pkgs. per foam ball (Paper Studio Spare-Parts®)
White acrylic paint marker, medium tip
Paper shred, 4 oz. pkg., white
Acrylic paint, white

Hand saw (to cut dowels)
Pencils, four
Drinking glasses, four (to hold sprayed balls while drying)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Cardboard box, large
Old newspapers
Cardboard scrap, 4″ square
Scrap of colored paper (for practice)



  1. Use hand saw to cut dowels to correct lengths. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (cardboard box) spray dowels with several coats of white. Spray clay pots with primer and let dry. Then, spray each pot with two coats of one of three colors. Let dry. (Save spraying box or area for later.)
  2. Use paint marker to practice drawing loopy flower on colored paper scrap. Then draw on each pot.
  3. Inside each pot, to cover the hole, cut a 2″ circle from cardboard scrap and hot glue it into the bottom. Then, hot glue Desert Foam® half ball with flat side up, into each pot.
  4. Use pencil to make a starter hole in center of each half ball in pot, going straight down, all the way through to the cardboard bottom. Then insert (gently twist) each dowel, all the way down and hot glue to cardboard and foam. (Note: 18″ dowels go into Hyacinth and Turquoise pots and 15″ dowel goes into yellow pot.) (Tip: Before glue dries, turn pots to see them from all directions to be sure that dowels are straight.)
  5.  In top of each pot, apply a little hot glue to the foam and press paper shreds onto it.
  6. Insert pencil into one foam ball, going in about 2″. Use pencil to hold foam ball while you hot glue flowers all over it. (Hint: Start with largest flowers, evenly placed, all over ball. Then, glue medium-sized flowers all over. Last, glue the smallest flowers to fill in any empty spaces so that foam ball is completely covered.) Leave pencil inside flower ball. Repeat with other three foam balls.
  7. (Note: Large flower ball is painted yellow; medium flower balls – Hyacinth and Turquoise; and small flower ball – Robin’s Egg.) In spraying area, mist the flower balls on pencils with one light coat of color so that some white from the flowers shows through to create slightly different values. Set them with pencils down, into glasses, to dry.
  8. Remove pencils from flower balls. Gently twist and push them onto the correct dowels. For the double-flower ball topiary, re-insert pencil into 4″ ball and continue all the way through the ball, to make a starter hole. Then, gently twist it down onto the dowel stopping about 4″ from the paper shreds. Attach the 3.5″ flower ball to the top of the dowel, about 3″ away from the bottom one. Adjust as needed and then glue each ball in place.



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