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No-Sew Octopus And Ship’s Wheel

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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No-Sew Octopus No-Sew Octopus_Shipswheel

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Ball: 6”

Other Materials:
(1 Yd) Micro Fleece Fabric: Coral
(1 Yd) Dot Fleece Fabric: Coral
(1 Yd) Polyester Rolled Batting
(8 Yds) Heavy Gauge Wire
30mm Half Round Eyes: Black
Monofilament/Fishing Line
Floral Pins (optional)

Low-Temp Glue Gun
Fabric Scissors
Serrated Knife


  1. Holding the ball against the table with one hand and starting at the center of the ball, use the knife to slightly taper the bottom portion of the ball to mimic the shape of an octopus’s head.
  2. Cover the head with a single layer of batting. Trim the batting to fit so that it does not overlap and glue in place.  Cut a 14” circle of the micro fleece.  Wrap the fleece around the head and gather the ends together at the bottom of the ball.  Stretch out as many wrinkles as possible and use fishing line to secure the ends of the fleece tightly at the bottom of the ball.  Leave about 2” of fleece overhanging from the bottom of the ball, trimming the ends neatly.
  3. To create the legs, cut eight pieces of micro fleece and eight pieces of dot fleece using the outer fabric template. Cut eight pieces of batting using the smaller batting template.  Lay the dot fleece pieces right sides down.  Place a piece of wire along each side of each piece.  Glue the edge of the fleece over-top of the wire creating a ½” wired hem on each side.  Lay the micro fleece pieces right sides down and glue a ½” hem along both sides of each piece.  Lay a piece of batting in between the two pieces of fleece and glue them together along the glued hem.  Glue the open end of each leg closed.  Glue the top 3” of the legs together side by side to form a circle with an opening in the middle.  Glue pleats in the fleece where needed to take up the excess fabric.
  4. Pull the gathered fleece from the bottom of the head through the opening in the center of the legs. Glue to secure the head in place on the legs.  Secure the legs to the head with floral pins if desired. Glue the eyes in place on the lower portion of the head as shown.

Octopus Template Cut Out: Click Here

Ship’s Wheel

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Wreath: 16”
Balls: (15) 1.5” and (1) 5”
Eggs: (5) 2”

Other Materials:
Acrylic Paint: Sky Blue and White
Mod Podge
Tissue Paper: White
Thin Wood Dowels
Flat Silver Thumbtacks
Thin White Cord

Fabric Tape Measure
Low-Temp Glue Gun
Paint Brushes
Serrated Knife 


  1. Use a fabric tape measure to make five marks equally spaced around the outside of the wreath for the placement of the spindles. Cut five 9” pieces of thin wood dowel.  Insert a dowel straight through the side of the wreath at each mark to create a pilot hole.  Remove dowel.  Insert a dowel through each of the 1.5” balls to create a pilot hole through each ball.
  2. Cut the 5” ball in half.  Set aside one half for a future project.  Lay the wreath on the table face side up.  Place the 5” half ball in the center of the wreath.  Insert the dowel through the outside of the wreath.  Thread two 1.5” balls onto the end of the dowel between the inside of the wreath and the 5” half ball as shown.  Insert the end of the dowel into the side of the half ball.  Repeat this step to create the other four spindles.  You should have about 2.5” of dowel sticking out around the outside of the wreath.  Thread one 1.5” ball and one 2” egg onto each dowel for the wheel’s handles.
  3. Apply a layer of tissue paper over the entire ships wheel using Mod Podge and let dry. Brush on a coat of sky blue paint over the entire ship’s wheel and let dry.  Dry brush white paint over the entire ship’s wheel allowing the blue to show through as shown.  Let dry.
  4. Glue a length of white cord in between each section of the spindles and handles as shown making sure the seam is towards the back. Glue a thumbtack to the end of each handle and to the center of the half ball.


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