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Browe Project Categories
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  • One – 4” Styrofoam Ball (cut in half for body)
  • One – 2” Styrofoam Ball (cut in half for head)
  • Seven – 1” Styrofoam Balls (feet and eyes)
  • Three Black Chenille Stems
  • Red Acrylic Paint
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Styrofoam Saw or Serrated Knife
  • Scissors
  1. Paint a 4” half ball red, paint a 2” half ball and six of the 1” balls black. Let dry.
  2. Cut a 2” piece of chenille stem, push the stem halfway into the cut side of the 2” ball and push the head onto the body. Cut the unpainted 1” ball in half (these are the eyes), cut two 2” pieces of stem. Fold each stem in half and push the cut ends through the center of the half ball eyes and into the head, the chenille stem becomes the pupil of the eye, see photo.
  3. Cut six 2” piece of chenille stem and push a stem half way into each of the feet. Push the stems from the feet three on each side tucked slightly under the edge of the body.
  4. Cut two 6” chenille stems and push them into the head just behind the eyes for antenna. Cut another 6” chenille stem and push one end into the body just behind the head, wrap it down the back of the body and push the other end into the back of the body, this creates the wings.
  5. Cut 2” pieces of chenille stems for the spots, fold each piece in half and push the cut ends into the body, adding as many spots as you wish.

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