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Branch Silhouette Wall Art

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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As Seen at CHA Craft SuperShow 2009


  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
  • Three – Sheets, 12”x36”x1”
  • Deco Art® Texture Crackle™ Light Mocha
  • Brown Acrylic Paint
  • Acrylic Sealer
  • Palette Knife
  • ½ Yard Fabric
  • 4 Yards Coordinating 1 ½” Ribbon
  • 4 Yards Coordinating ½” Ribbon
  • Branch Silhouette Rubber Stamp
  • Low Temp Glue Gun
  • *Option: Overhead Projector (see HINT below)
  1. Glue the three sheets of STYROFOAM™ together, side by side to create a 36” x 36” panel.
  2. *HINT: If using an overhead projector you can eliminate the need to cut out a paper template.
    1. Simply stamp the branch silhouette directly onto a piece of transparency film, and project the image directly onto the panel.
    2. Center the image onto the left 24” of the panel, the last 12” on the right of the panel will be covered with fabric.
    3. Trace the outline with a black marker and cut out, carefully following the instructions on the STYRO CUTTER Plus packaging.
  3. If an overhead projector is not available, stamp the image onto a piece of paper and enlarge the image to size.  Cut out the image from the paper and pin the template onto the Styrofoam and cut out with STYRO CUTTER Plus.
  4. Apply crackle in an uneven random pattern, applying it thicker in some spots than others.  Apply crackle only to the left 24” of the panel; crackle only the front surface. The inside cut edges of the branch will be painted later.  Do not crackle the last 12” on the right.
  5. Once dry, mix a small amount of brown paint with water to make a thin consistency, brush over crackle, being sure it seeps into the cracks. Blot away with paper towel or rag, leaving it in the cracks.
  6. Apply brown paint to the inside edge of the cutout branch to conceal the exposed STYROFOAM™.
  7. To fabric cover the bare section of the panel, cut a 14”x40” piece of fabric.
  8. Lay the fabric onto the panel, and wrap the fabric around the side, top and bottom, securing it in the back with glue.  Secure the left edge of the fabric with glue.
  9. Glue the 1 ½” ribbon to the panel, framing in the branch cutout and covering the left edge of the fabric.
  10. Glue the ½” ribbon around the inside edge of the 1 ½” ribbon (see photo).
  11. Embellish your wall art using beads, trims, or personalize with a monogram over the fabric panel.
  12. Attach picture hooks with glue gun, gluing the nails in place, and securing the bracket to the foam.

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