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3-D Solar System Wall Art

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
One each size – Balls: 8”, 6”, 5”, 4”, 3”, 2 ½”, 2”
Three – Cones: 6”
One – Disc: 10”
Other Materials:
Crayola® Model Magic Air Dry Clay –
   Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green, Bisque, Earth Tone
Tin Foil
Acrylic Paint; Yellow, Red
Acrylic Clear Sealer
StyroCutter® Plus
Design It® Foam Cutter
or Serrated Knife
Paint Brushes
Rubber Band
Black Marker
Low Temp Glue Gun

  1. Cut all the balls in half. To find the center of the ball wrap a rubber band around the ball dividing it in half and mark along the edge of the rubber band with marker. Label all the parts on the back with marker to make them easy to identify.
    • One Half of the 8” ball is Jupiter,
    • One Half of the 8” ball is the Sun.
    • One Half of the 6” ball is Saturn, save other half for future project.
    • One Half of the 5” ball is Neptune, save other half for future project.
    • One Half of the 4” ball is Uranus, save other half for future project.
    • One Half the 3” ball is Earth,
    • One Half of the 3” ball is Venus.
    • One Half of the 2 ½” ball is Mercury.
    • One Half of the 2 ½” ball is Mars.
    • One Half of the 2” ball is Pluto, save other half for future project.
  2. Cover all the planets with the clay by rolling it out thin and pressing it onto the cut balls.
    • Jupiter: blend red and yellow to make marbled orange stripes, add stripes of white and stripes of red alternating colors until covered, don’t forget to add the “Red Spot” to Jupiter.
    • Saturn: Blend yellow and white to make a pale yellow, cover Saturn completely. Add stripes of white and bisque to the planet.
    • Saturn’s ring: cut about a ½” slice off the cut side of the half 8” ball you set aside for the sun. Cut this slice in half making two half circles, save one half for future project. Cut the other half into a 1” wide half ring that fits over the rounded side of Saturn with about a ½” clearance. Cover the ring with stripes of pale yellow, white and bisque. Use toothpicks to attach the ring to Saturn.
    • Neptune and Uranus: blend white and blue to look like cloudy blue sky, add extra white to Uranus to make it appear a lighter blue color.
    • Venus: blend white and yellow to make a marbled pale yellow and white.
    • Earth: first blend yellow and blue to make green, blend in Earthtone and a little white marbled to make land and clouds. Add land areas to the planet, add texture to clay to create terrain and then fill in around the land with blended white and blue to make water.
    • Mercury: blend yellow, blue and Earthtone to get a dark dirty green, blend in earthtone marbled throughout; add texture to clay to create a rocky surface.
    • Mars: blend red and yellow to make a dark red orange, add texture.
    • Pluto: blend bisque and a little earthtone to make a light brown.
  3. To make the Sun;
    • Lay the clock works centered on the flat side of the ball and draw around it with marker.
    • Use a spoon to scoop out the square shaped box from the ball, be sure not to make the square too large as you want the clock works to fit snug.
    • Make a hole through the center of the ball with a sharp pencil so that the shaft of the clock is able to protrude out the face of the ball far enough to attach the hands.
    • Remove clock works for now, it will be added last.
    • Cut each of the cones into four equal sections lengthwise from narrow end to wide end.
    • Cut 1” off the wide end of eight of the cone sections. The last four longer sections will be placed at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.
    • Follow the instructions on the STYRO CUTTER Plus packaging carefully to cut each cone section into a wavy pattern to simulate “sun flares”.
    • Glue the four longer sections to the edge of the disc at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.
    • Glue the rest of the sections in place around the disc.
    • Wrinkle sections of tin foil and wrap around each of the cone sections, and the disc completely with wrinkled tin foil. Secure any loose edges of tin foil with low temp glue gun.
    • Cover the half ball with wrinkled tin foil.
    • Paint all the tin foil parts with a coat of yellow paint. If you would like some of the tin foil to shine through, rub paint off gently with soft cloth while wet to expose the tin foil and allow to dry.
    • Dry brush some red paint to the raised areas of the tin foil to add dimension, let dry.
    • Assemble clock into sun’s face following instructions on packaging; securely attach
    • Add Velcro to the back of the half ball and the face of the disc to secure the clock face to the disc.
    • Brush all planets and sun with clear acrylic sealer and let dry. Use a repositionable adhesive to attach the sun and planets to the wall. You can move the planets as they orbit the sun.

One Comment

  1. Posted August 21, 2013 at 11:36 am

    love all the work that is done here , it makes me feel so artistic , but truth is i am not artistic not even a little , but here you learn how to do things and i love it because it has instructions so that you follow all the steps to make a PERFECT PROJECT , so i would like to thank the MAKE IT FUN GROUP for making my 3D project of the solar system GREAT thanx again guys, i will make shore that the next time i have a project oor poster , i will make it looking at the instructions on the screen THNX ONCE AGAIN GUYS LOVE ALL OF U THERE , BYE-BYE MMMMMMMWWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

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