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Wedding Table Bows

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FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Balls, one 5″diameter

Other Materials:
Design It:® SimpleStyle® Glittered Organza, black, 1 yd.; and white, 3 yds.
Design Master® ColorTool® Spray Color: Flat Black (Optional: Flat White)
Paper flowers, white, four – five pkgs. (Paper Studio Spare-Parts®)
Large paper clips, two

serrated knife
large cardboard box
old newspapers
two 5″ square cardboard scraps
three twist-ties (or 4″ long pieces of wire)
glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Use the serrated knife to cut the Foam Ball in half. Divide the flowers from the packages into large, medium and small sizes. Then hot glue large flowers, evenly placed, all over each Foam Ball half. Next, glue medium flowers evenly placed all over both Foam Ball halves. Last, glue small flowers to fill in any empty spaces so that Foam Ball halves are completely covered, except for their cut edges.
  2. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (cardboard box) spray one flower-covered Foam Ball half with several coats of Black. Let dry. (Note: If the white flowers look white enough to you, they don’t need to be painted. But if you want them whiter, replace the newspaper in the box and spray the other flower-covered Foam Ball half with White.) Let the paint thoroughly dry.
  3. For the Bride’s Bow, use scissors to trim the corners off one 5″ cardboard square, making an approximate circle. Cut three 1-yd. lengths of white organza. Set the middle of one organza length onto the table and fold the ends into the middle, overlapping the ends. Gather at the middle and bind with a twist-tie to create a bow loop on either side. Repeat with the second 1 yd. length. Then use the third twist tie to bind the two together so that the four loops are evenly spaced apart. Cut the last 1 yd. length in half to make two tails. Cut a V-notch out of one end on each length. (Wait to assemble.)
  4. Before assembling, make bow hanger loops from large paper clips as follows: Separate a paper clip about 1/2″. On the top back of the flower-covered Foam Ball half, insert the small end of the paperclip up into the foam, Glue if needed to hold.
  5. Assemble by starting with the tails. Gather the straight-cut end of one tail and hot glue the gathers to the center of the cardboard circle so that it hangs down. Repeat with the other tail right beside it. Then hot glue and press the center of the four-loop bow onto the center of the circle with the tails down, Hold until glue is set. Apply glue to the cardboard circle/gathered organza and press the Foam side of the white flower-covered Foam Ball half onto the cardboard circle, with the bow sandwiched in between. (Be sure that the paper clip is at the top, and the tails are at the bottom.)
  6. For the Groom’s Bow Tie, follow Step 3 – 5 using only one yard of black organza and instead of binding with a twist-tie, simply hand fold a few pleats in the center of the bow and glue it to the center of the cardboard circle. (This gives more of a bow-tie look.) Then glue the black flower-covered Foam Ball half onto the cardboard circle, with the bow sandwiched in between and the paper clip at the top.
  7. On the front of the head table, in line with the Bride and Groom’s places, attach the bows. (Hint: Weave a couple of straight pins with large heads, in and out of the tablecloth on the top, front edge of the table. Then hang the Bride’s Bow and the Groom’s bow by their paper clips on the pins.

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