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Braided Mesh Wreath

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Brand Products:
Design It:®
Wire Wreath Form, 18″ diameter
SimpleStyle® Decorative Mesh,
10″ wide:
6 yds. Red
4 yds. White
SimpleStyle® Feather Picks, two, red with peacock feather
Floral Shears


  1.  Use Floral Shears to cut 3 yd. lengths Decorative Mesh: one white and two red. Set one end of each length under several books to hold on table.
  2. Loosely braid mesh, allowing lengths to gently roll and twist as needed.
  3. Slide Wire Wreath Form under braid so that it lays flat on top of Wire Form. Referring to photo, experiment with tightness of braid to achieve desired look. (Note: Mesh shouldn’t be forced. Simply bend, curve, smooth and work with it to move it in desired direction. Also, be willing to adapt and adjust.)
  4. When reaching the end, place ends under books, also.
  5. Cut two 18″ lengths white Mesh. Trim off finished edges. Cut each, lengthwise, creating four 18″ lengths with raw edges. Ask helper to assist in removing books from braid ends, so that they don’t un-braid. Allow braid ends to overlap at bottom of Wire Form with ends extending about 10″ beyond wreath. Bind where braid lengths overlap with one of the 18″ white lengths going around braid-overlap area and through Wire Form as you tie. Knot binding on front of wreath, allowing ends to fray for a free effect.
  6. Determine three more places on wreath to bind, evenly spacing. (Note: At bottom, you bound it by going around all strands of braids but with these, simply bind by catching one strand that is close to that area on Wire Form, so that shape of braid isn’t altered.)
  7. Refer to photo to insert Feather Picks into bound knot as accent. Hang from Wire Wreath Form.

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