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Blue Bird Cake Pop Nest

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FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Discs: one 15/16″ x 9 7/8″ diameter (bird) and one 15/16″ x 7 7/8″diameter (base)
Scrap of sheet foam (holds pieces while drying)

Other Materials:
DecoArt® Americana® acrylic paint: Indian Turquoise and Cocoa
Brads: Flower shape, 1/2″ diameter, twenty (for bird) and ten (per invite) assorted pastel colors (peach,
pink, lavender, yellow, aqua); and Round, purple (for bird’s eye)
12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper, three coordinating spring prints, 4″ x 6″ (wing) and 2″ x 3″ (beak)
Cardstock, white, 3″ x 8″
Paper shreds, kraft color
Toothpicks, two
1/8″ circle punch
Paint markers: Ocean Blue and White
Foam mounting tape
Tape runner
Cake pops (on sticks and covered with cellophane) six – eight pastel colored
(Note: To hold more cake pops – just add them to back of the display. For larger groups, use
a 9 7/8″ diameter disc for the base to hold more at both front and back.)

serrated knife
utility cutter
transparent tape
paper trimmer
water container
medium paintbrush
paper plate
paper towels
old newspapers
glue gun and glue sticks

Template: Blue Bird Cake Pop


  1. Cut out patterns. Align bird head/back on large foam disc and trace with pencil. On newspapers, use serrated knife to cut along pencil line, keeping blade straight up and down for a straight edge. Gently press and roll disc all along its edges on the table to smooth and round slightly. In the neck/back area, press with fingers to smooth.
  2. Prepare paint area with toothpicks and scrap foam sheet to hold foam discs while they dry. Using paper plate as a palette, paint all sides and edges of bird with Turquoise. Insert a toothpick into the bird’s bottom edge and set it into the scrap foam to dry. Similarly paint smaller disc with Cocoa and set into scrap foam. Let both thoroughly dry.
  3. Trace wing, beak and banner patterns onto appropriate papers and cut out. Use pencil to lightly write message on banner, keeping in mind location of beak’s overlap. Go over message with paint marker. Let dry.
  4. Set glue gun on low temperature. Lay foam bird down on table. Apply glue to back side of wing, along curved edge only. For dimension, press wing onto foam bird so that point of wing extends out. In the beak, cut a slit as indicated on pattern. Glue rounded part of beak to foam bird, leaving points un-attached.
  5. For eye, insert purple brad into foam. Decorate rest of blue bird body with twenty flower brads. (Just press them into foam – no need to glue.) Curve banner on table to curl under on top and out on bottom. Use tape on back to hold in beak as shown.
  6. To assemble bird onto base, insert two toothpicks into bottom edge of bird and press down into center of base. Then remove, apply a generous amount of glue and press back into place, holding momentarily until set. “Scribble” glue around front of base and set paper crimps into it. Repeat on back, scrunching crimps together to blend and arrange.
  7. Use utility cutter (and a helper to hold the stick, for safety) to trim sticks down to 1/2″ from twist tie holding cellophane. Use pencil to poke holes, one at a time, through paper crimps into foam disc to hold cake pops.

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