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Beaded Garland Ornament

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Who needs mistletoe when you can create your own kissing ball with minimal fuss and expense?

As seen in our Make It: Fun® Holiday book


STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
+Ball, 6”
6 Yards 10mm Bead Garland
2 Yards 5mm Bead Garland
Coordinating Ribbons
T-Pins or Straight Pins
Low-Temp Glue Gun & glue sticks


  1. Glue the end bead of the 10mm bead garland to the center of one side of the ball, this is the center bead.  Begin to spiral the bead garland around this center bead gluing as you go keeping the wraps tightly together until the ball is completely covered.
  2. Cut a length of ribbon and glue the ends together to create the loop hanger for the top of the ball.  Pin the ribbon to the top of the ball gluing to secure in place.
  3. Create a beaded tassel for the bottom of the ball by pinning loops of the 5mm bead garland to the bottom of the ball gluing in place.  Make a bow with several longs tails and pin to the bottom of the ball with the bead tassel.

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