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Baby Shower Display – It’s A Boy!

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Foam Cake Forms, Round: 4″ x 8″ and 4″ x 12″
Design It:® Wire Cutter

12″ x 12″ cardstock:
-Royal Blue, five sheets
-Turquoise, two sheets
-White, one sheet
12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper:
-Royal Blue, two – four coordinating prints, approx. two – four sheets each
-Yellow, two – four coordinating prints, approx. two – four sheets each
Foam board sheet, 1/2″ thick x 20″ x 20″
2 yd. 10″ length of 1/2″ wide grosgrain ribbon, Turquoise with small white dot
1/8″ diameter x 36″ length wood dowel
Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®: (iLoveToCreate®)
Glue Bottle
Glue Stick
Foam mounting tape
White acrylic paint
Markers, fine and medium point: Royal Blue, Turquoise, Black
1/8″ diameter hole punch
Paper crimper
Paper trimmer
Misc.: Metal ruler, pencil, scissors, transparent tape, paint brush, craft knife and cutting mat

Cake Pops (with 8″ long lollipop sticks)
(Note: Ideally, dip half the cake pops into royal blue and the other half into yellow colored candy melts. Then dip them into turquoise blue and create waves by rolling and pulling color up with toothpick.
Mini cupcakes could also be made, simply inserting lollipop sticks into the centers.)


  1. To cover Cake Forms, set each Form on royal blue cardstock and trace with pencil. Use scissors to cut out circles. Use paper trimmer to cut three 4″ x 12″ strips from one sheet royal blue cardstock. Repeat with second sheet. Apply generous amount of glue stick to tops of Cake Forms, align and press paper circles in place. Before gluing strips around sides, use transparent tape to secure strips, butted together, end to end. Measure to see how long each taped strip needs to be for each Cake Form and trim, leaving 1/2″ overlap. Apply generous amount of glue stick to side of Cake Forms and wrap with long strips.   Assemble by using a generous amount of glue stick on bottom of 8″ diameter Cake Form. Center Form and press on top of 12″ diameter Form (gluing onto blue paper circle).
  2. For waves, similarly cut 4″ x 12″ strips from two turquoise blue cardstock sheets. Refer to photo to draw curled high and low waves near top of one strip, making sure that waves start and end at same height so that next strip will line up when it connects. Cut out and use as a pattern to cut as many strips as needed, but wait to tape together. First run each strip through crimper to create texture. Then tape together, end to end but do not trim length yet.  To create dimension, attach to sides of each Cake Form, using 1/2″ lengths of foam tape,  every 3″ – 4”. Trim ends and waves as needed to align.
  3. For base board, use craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat to trim foam board to 20″ length. Use white tacky glue to attach ribbon all around edges, slightly overlapping ends. (Optional: Use ruler to determine center of 20″ square board. Use white Tacky glue to attach bottom of large Cake Form to center. However, if transporting, we suggest not gluing so assembling can be done on site.)
  4. For sail, refer to photo to draw 4″ wide x 5″ tall triangular sail on one scrapbook paper sheet. (Either use ruler to make lines straight, or sketch curved lines to make sail look like it’s blowing in the breeze.) Before tracing and cutting the rest, use 1/8″ paper punch at top and bottom of long side of sail. Slide onto one cake pop stick to be sure shape of sail will allow holes to work without tearing. Adjust sail shape if needed. Then trace sail onto scrapbook paper, one per cake pop. (Optional: Make color of sail opposite of color of bottom of cake pop.) Make hole in top and bottom of each and thread onto cake pop sticks, leaving 1/2″ at top of each for flag.
  5. For flag, refer to photo to draw1/2″ x 4″ long curving flag with one v-notched end. Cut out and trace onto scrapbook paper scraps, one per cake pop. (Optional: Match color of flag to color of bottom of cake pop.) Use fine tip marker to write message, such as “Thanks for sailing by!” or “Welcoming (name) on board!” on each one. Use white Tacky glue to attach straight end of flag to top of each cake pop stick, touching sail so that a little of the stick shows above.
  6. For sign, use Wire Cutter to “score” wood dowel in half, and snap apart, making two 18″ lengths. Paint dowels white to look like cake pop sticks and let dry. On royal blue cardstock, refer to photo to lightly sketch curved line for top of sign, running diagonally, to get the most length from the paper. Use ruler to measure and mark 4″ down from line, every inch or so. Draw bottom curved line parallel to top one along those marks. Adjust lines on paper as needed to fit. Draw curved lines on ends and cut out.  Trace onto white paper. To make white paper smaller, measure in 1/2″ all around and sketch to connect marks. Cut out. If desired, at bottom, draw wave lines, similar but smaller than those made on turquoise cardstock. Cut out (so that when placed on royal blue sign, they will show.)  Use pencil to draw letters “Ahoy! It’s a BOY!!” or message of choice. Go over letters with markers.
  7. Use tacky glue stick to mount white sign on royal blue one. Temporarily tape un-cut ends of dowels to back of sign, allowing sign. Determine where cut ends of dowels should be inserted in top Cake Form and mark. Use craft knife to make small slit on the mark (just to cut through paper) and press dowels into Cake Form. Adjust sign as needed. Remove tape and use white tacky glue to re-attach. (Note: To transport, remove dowels from Cake Form, and re-insert at location.)
  8. Set cake pops on two levels of Cake Forms and all around base, alternating colors. (Note: To be able to re-use, protect surface with plastic wrap: Cut 8″ circle to cover top Cake Form. Cut 12″ circle and remove 8″ circle from center, to slip down onto bottom Cake Form. Also cut 16″ circle and remove 12″ circle from center, to slip down onto base. Piece together plastic wrap as needed.)



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