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Spaghetti & Meatballs Costume

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Materials: SpaghettiMeatballsCostume1T

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Balls: five 5″ diameter

Other Materials:
Design Master® ColorTool® spray color: October Brown, Almond and Dark Chocolate
Bernat® Blanket™ Polyester Yarn, 5.3 oz., Vintage White #161200, four skeins
Colander, silver (as light weight as possible)
Felt, 9″ x 12″, off white, two sheets
Rock, irregular surface, approx. 4″ size
Sweatshirt, red, one or two sizes too large

Large box (for spraying)
old newspapers
masking tape
paper towels
full-size glue gun & glue sticks


  1. To make Foam Ball irregular and lumpy like a meatball, push rock into Foam repeatedly, until it’s evenly lumpy. Repeat with other four Foam Balls.
  2.  In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside box) spray all sides of one meatball with October Brown. Before it dries, spray a little Dark Chocolate onto a crumpled paper towel and apply to Foam, making irregular areas of darker color. Similarly, spray Almond onto same crumpled towel and lightly apply to Foam, making it even more irregular. If you use too much Almond, spray October Brown into a new crumpled paper towel and dab onto Foam. Continue to add and cover colors until you get the meatball look you want. Then repeat process with other four meatballs. Let dry.
  3. Locate an 8-foot long table. Cut off a 9″ length of yarn and set aside. Tape end of yarn from one skein, to end of table, Then pull yarn down to other end of table, wrap around edge of table and continue pulling from skein so that yarn goes back to where it started, on top of the taped end. (Basically, you’re using the table to quickly make 8-foot long loops.) Continue wrapping around top of table until that skein is gone. Tape that end down, too.
  4. With 9″ length of yarn, go under wraps on top and bottom of table and tie yarn to bind center of all yarn wraps. (By binding center, you’ll have approx. 4 foot long loops on both sides of binding.) Set aside. Repeat process with each of the remaining three skeins.
  5. Cut felt sheets into 9″ squares. Round corners to make approximate 9″ circles. Set one felt circle on table. Set binding of one skein of yarn loops in center, with loops running horizontally across table. Put two more of those in same position, right beside first. Adjust those to make room for the fourth so that all are lined up, side by side, with loops running horizontally.
    Ask a helper to assist with this part. Drizzle glue all over yarn, within area of 9″ felt circle. (Glue can run down into yarn.) Quickly set other felt circle onto glue and press down to hold yarn bindings that are being sandwiched between layers of felt. Slide one hand under bottom felt and flip over, while helper assists in turning over loops. Squeeze glue under that layer of felt, too.
  6. Before glue cools too much, you and your helper can fit the “sandwich” into the colander, so that the glue cools to conform to the rounded colander shape. Push down on felt and hold for a couple minutes.
    By then, glue gun should have softened the glue stick enough to be ready to extrude more glue. Lift up “sandwich” and apply glue directly to colander, going around holes so that glue doesn’t squish through. Then press “sandwich” back down into colander. Tack glue any felt along edges that needs to be attached. Be sure to press it all in far enough that a head can still fit into colander. (To be sure, put paper towels on top of your head so that glue doesn’t get on your hair, and try it on. It won’t fit tightly like a baseball cap, but it should still balance on your head.) Let cool. Then, use scissors to cut each yarn loop, making two long spaghetti strands.
  7. For red sweatshirt to look like spaghetti sauce drips, use scissors to cut an irregular, “drippy” edge along bottom. Similarly, trim sleeves, (with smaller drips).
  8. Ask helper to wear an old shirt or apron and then put on sweatshirt. Referring to photo, position and glue four meatballs to red shirt, using plenty of glue and holding long enough for glue to set. (Keep checking for glue drips underneath meatballs and wipe away.) (Laughter is guaranteed!)
  9.  Firmly press fifth meatball onto front top edge of colander, denting in the Foam to create good contact. Then, generously apply hot glue to hold. When cooled and set, put colander on helper and let yarn tumble over shirt on front and back, going around meatballs. (Take photos while laughter is strongest!)

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