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Pumpkin Owl Greeter

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Materials: FC-1979 PumpkinOwlGreeterT

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Discs: 15/16″ x 9 7/8″ diameter and 15/16″ x 5 7/8″ diameter
Ball: 2″ diameter

Other Materials:
Design Master® ColorTool® spray color: Orange and Spring Green
Rick rack, medium, 2 1/2 yd. length orange and 20″ length yellow
Wiggle eyes, 35mm, two
Cupcake Papers (Wait to separate from stack, until after reading instructions):
Green polka dot, regular size, four
Orange stripe, regular size, eight
Purple with white polka dot, small size, four
Yellow, small size, two
Orange bowl, 5″ diameter x 2″ tall (approx.)
Corn candy and wrapped eyeball candies, or candies of choice
Large box (for spraying), old newspapers, serrated knife, scissors, ruler, toothpicks, glue gun & glue sticks


  1. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside box) spray all sides of large Disc with several coats of orange. Also spray all sides of small Disc green. Let dry.
  2. To outline Disc with rick rack, start at bottom of Disc on front. Hot glue end of orange rick rack so that zig-zag is half off edge of Disc. Squeeze hot glue along very edge of curved Disc, for about 4″. Then, set rick rack into it. Continue applying glue and rick rack, smoothing to make a nice rick rack outline on Disc. (Tip: If you apply glue right on the Disc edge, it won’t squeeze out between the zig-zags and show.)
    When reaching bottom, fold rick rack (apply glue to hold fold) and go straight up middle of Disc, applying glue in straight line, 4″ at a time, and setting rick rack into it.
    When reaching top, fold rick rack (apply glue to hold fold) and curve down one side, applying a curved glue line and setting rick rack into it.
    When reaching bottom again, fold rick rack (apply glue to hold fold) and curve up other side of Disc as you did before. At top center, trim and glue rick rack end.
  3. Glue yellow rick rack to 15/16″ side of green Disc, applying straight line, 4″ at a time. Glue ends on back.
  4. For eyes, use serrated knife to cut in half one Foam Ball. (Tip: Roll Foam Ball as you press knife blade into it, watching that it is creating two equal halves. After reaching beginning, saw back and forth to finish cutting.)
  5. Because of cupcake papers’ translucency, keep them together in their stack and peel them apart two at a time, as you need them. As you work with them, if the two cupcake papers do separate, don’t pull them all the way apart. Just apply glue to the separated area and push them back together without mashing the crimp.
    Peel from stack two green dot cupcake papers. Repeat for two more. With Foam Ball halves flat on table, center and glue each green cupcake paper pair onto Foam Ball half.
  6.  Referring to photo, position and glue Foam Ball halves onto owl near top. Separate four small purple cupcake pairs. Glue one pair to each eye. Carefully invert other two pair (so that design is on inside) and glue to center of first purple cupcake pairs. Glue wiggle eye down into center of each.
  7.  For beak, fold one small yellow cupcake paper pair into fourths, then fold one more time and gently bend to curve. Refer to photo to glue, touching eyes.
  8.  For tufts on top of head, fold two orange stripe cupcake paper pairs into fourths, gently fan out and glue to either side of top of head.
  9.  For wings, fold two orange stripe cupcake pairs in half, gently fan and glue to either side of Disc, as shown.
  10.  Hold owl upright. Insert two toothpicks about 1/2″ apart into bottom edge of body Disc. Apply glue to toothpick area on Disc and set down onto green Disc base, 1/2″ from back. Set bowl in front and fill with candy.

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