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Artistic Planter

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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As seen in Decorating Digest Craft & Home, Fall 2012


Desert Foam® Half Ball, 4 7/8″ diameter

Elmer’s® Products:
• Painters® Opaque Paint Markers, medium tip: Green, Brown, Yellow and Orange
• X-ACTO® 5″ Precision Tip Scissors
Floral Moss
6 1/2″ x 7″ green ceramic pot (matte finish)
16” long natural twigs
copy paper
glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Refer to photo to sketch leaf designs onto copy paper. (Note: There are three different leaf shapes in the center with smaller pointed leaves added all around.) When satisfied with sketch, use pencil to sketch basic leaf lines on front of pot.
  2. Referring to photo, use Orange, Brown and Green Painters® to draw outlines of three large leaves. Then use Yellow Painters® to draw small dashed lines all around inside edge of leaf lines. (Note directions of lines, as they radiate out from center. This creates a sketch look and provides contrast.) Also draw vein lines in each leaf in appropriate color. Add Yellow lines as highlights to veins, too. (Reminder: This is free and artsy so no line is “wrong”.)
  3. Next, draw yellow leaves coming out from behind three main leaves. Sketch to add vein lines and touches of Orange Painters®. Last, refer to photo to see where to use Brown Painters® Brown to add dots for texture. Let dry.
  4. Place Desert Foam® Half Ball, flat side down, into pot and tack with glue gun. To cover half ball, use glue gun to attach moss.
  5. Insert twigs into Desert Foam® Half Ball, starting with longest twigs in center, then add medium twigs and finally short twigs near outside edge.


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Elmer’s® Products, Inc.
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