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Kids’ Cupcake Ornaments

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FC-1759 Kids'CupcakeOrn72As seen in Craft Ideas magazine


Per Cupcake:
• FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Balls, 2 1/2″ diameter
• Three holiday print cupcake papers
• 3/4″ diameter green or red jingle bell
•  DecoArt® Snow-Tex™ paint*
• Colorful candy sprinkles*
• 8″ length of red & white satin cord (or baker’s twine)
• 8″ length of 1/8″ wide red satin ribbon
•  1″ x 2″ rectangle white cardstock
• Glue Stick
• Child’s photo (that can be cropped into 2″ circle)

FloraCraft® Design It:® Foam Cutter
• Opaque paint marker, fine tip, black
• 2″ diameter circle punch
• 1/4″ diameter hole punch

Basic supplies: Glue gun and glue sticks, paper towels, pencil, paper plate and plastic knife per child.


* Caution children not to eat snow paint or sprinkles after being in contact with paint.

  1. If working with multiple children, have them write names on paper plates and work over plates. Leave cupcake papers together. Count three papers and separate all three at the same time (per cupcake) so that three are still “stuck” together. (This allows cupcake paper to be sturdier and brighter colored.) Gently pinch corrugated edge while running glue stick along it to seal three layers together, so that later, moisture from paint doesn’t separate papers. Let dry. (Wait to add photos until finished “frosting” so that paint doesn’t get on them.)
  2. Adult should use glue gun to glue foam ball into bottom of cupcake paper. Kids can “frost” cupcake with snow paint and plastic knife working over paper plate. They should get paint into area between cupcake paper and foam ball to keep paper close to ball. After frosting, while still wet, they can sprinkle the container of candy sprinkles onto the cupcake, over the paper plate. (Supervise quantity of sprinkles used! J)  Clean up and set plates aside to dry.
  3. Use 2″ circle punch to cut photo. (Note: Turn over and remove bottom plate from circle punch so that you can see photo in order to position it before punching.) Also punch hole in end of cardstock tag. Have kids write name, age and year on tag using Painters®.  (If giving as a gift, write “To” message on other side.)
  4. For hanger loop, tie overhand knot in ends of 8″ red & white cord and hot glue knot to top center of frosted (dry) cupcake. Check to be sure cupcake hangs at angle (so that photo on bottom will show a little). Hot glue jingle bell on top of hanger loop base. Use 8″ red ribbon to go through tag and tie onto hanger loop and into bow.
  5. Apply glue stick to back of photo and attach to bottom of cupcake. Press gently and let dry.




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