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Burlap Angel

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® :
Make It: Fun®
Foam Cone,  4 7/8″ x 12″
Foam Cutter
Design It:®
Floral Shears
– SimpleStyle®
–   Wired Burlap Ribbon, 2 1/2″ wide x 6 1/3 yd. length, natural
–   Burlap Garland, 5″ wide x 22″ length, natural
–   Jute Twine, 4 yds.

Wood ball, 2″ diameter
Garland with small green leaves
Small red berry stems
Twigs, approx. twelve 12″ – 16″ lengths
Small pinecones, approx. twelve
Design Master®:
– TintIT.™ Spray Dye, Sepia
– ColorTex, Flurry (white) (optional for snow on twigs)
Old newspapers
Large cardboard box (for spraying)
Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside cardboard box), lightly spray wood ball Sepia and let dry. If spraying twigs to look like they are snow-covered, spray ColorTex on twigs and set aside to dry.
  2. Use Foam Cutter to trim top point of cone, leaving 1 1/4″ diameter flat surface. Hot glue wood ball (head) onto flat surface, nestling curve of ball into foam as much as possible.
  3. Use Floral Shears to cut forty 6″ lengths Burlap Ribbon. (Note: Cut lengths neatly, with straight cuts that are perpendicular to the sides.) Beginning 5″ up from bottom of cone, hot glue one cut end of Ribbon to cone, letting length hang loosely. Similarly, glue another length beside the first, overlapping 1/4″ at one side. Continue gluing lengths, going all around cone until you’ve used seven lengths. To give fullness and opacity, similarly, glue another row of seven lengths, right on top of the first row, but staggered so that center of each new length overlaps edges of lengths on first row (like bricks).
  4. Start third row of five lengths 2″ above earlier rows. (Hint: Before gluing, hold lengths up to see if they need the 1/4″ overlap to fit. If not, glue without overlap. Also, check angles to be sure lengths radiate straight out from cone.)  Similarly, hot glue fourth row of five lengths on top of third row, staggered.
  5. Start fifth row of four lengths 2″ above earlier rows, determining amount of overlap and angles needed. Glue sixth row of four lengths on top of fifth row, staggered.
  6. Start seventh row of four lengths at top, just touching base of head. Determine amount of overlap and angles needed. Glue eighth (final) row of four lengths on top of seventh row, staggered. When finished, neatly fray each Burlap Ribbon end by removing two rows of fibers. Then gently curl ribbon ends up.
  7. Turn Cone to determine front of angel based on best side of wood head and nicest overlapping Ribbon. On back base of head, glue end of 12″ length Jute Twine and tightly wrap two or three times to conceal raw edges of Ribbon, going up onto head slightly. Trim and glue at back.
  8. For bodice, tightly braid three 1-yd. lengths Twine, hot gluing on both ends to hold. Find center of braided Twine and hot glue 1/2″ down from back base of head. Bring both ends around to front, cross one over the other, and return to back about 3 1/2″ from back base of head.  Trim ends as needed and hot glue ends to Burlap Ribbon on back. Adjust bodice as needed on front.
  9. For wings, use Floral Shears to neatly cut 10″ and 12″ lengths Burlap Garland. Center shorter length on top of longer length. In middle, fan fold widthwise and bind with 12″ length Twine, wrapping extra on ends around binding and gluing on front of wing unit (which will be against angel). Then glue center of front side of wing unit 1″ down from back base of head. Gently separate and arrange wings. Neatly fray ends by removing two rows of fibers.
  10. Use Floral Shears to trim leaves off garland, leaving stems if possible. Hot glue stems to top of head, by starting with lower leaves and using upper leaves to hide glued stems. At crown, cut off stems and glue leaves to cover gluing as needed.
  11. In display area, arrange twigs radiating out from center point. Set Angel in center. Insert red berries and stems of green leaves among twigs. Randomly sprinkle pinecones.



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One Longfellow Place
Ludington, MI 49431

Design Master®
(303) 443-5214
P.O. Box 601
Boulder, CO 80306


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