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Winter Cottage Scene

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Needle-felting and STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam are perfect partners to create this enchanting cottage scene.   This would be a perfect home for our needle-felted Snow Bunny.  This scene is designed by Debra Quartermain, known in the crafting world for her needle-felt creations and designs.  If you would like to see how it’s done, visit Debra’s site at

General Supplies for all pieces:
Hot glue gun, low temp glue sticks, sharp scissors, foam base to needle felt on, knife, embroidery needle, pencil, ruler, freezer or tracing paper, small paint brush.

General Tips for constructing all scene pieces:

  1. Add glue to toothpick ends, brads and pins before inserting to keep them securely in place.
  2. Spray needle felt pieces with hair spray, while wet sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess to reuse.
  3. Brush loose bits of foam off surface before needle felting.
  4. Rub knife with candle wax to making cutting foam easier.
  5. When needle felting foam pieces be careful of needle coming through piece.
  6. Always work with a larger foam surface under each piece.

Winter Cottage Front

STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
1/2 Box – Make It: Fun® Project Bricks
Three – 3″ Discs
One – 12″ x 12″ x 1″ Block

*.4 oz package of Natural, 1/2-.4 oz package of Cotton Candy Pink Wool Wisps™
*Needle felt needle
*Snowflake mold
1/2″ teal button
Crystal glitter
Hair spray
6 round toothpicks
2 black quilt pins
Pale pink craft paint


  1. Cutting the foam. Cut from the block two roof pieces 2″ x 9″ and 2″ x 7 1/2″. Use pattern to cut one door. Cut center back support 2″ x 10″, two stand pieces 2″ x 5″. Cut one disc in half for top window.
  2. Making the brick front. Using glue gun glue bricks into six rows of nine and five rows of eight. Glue the rows together alternating the nine and eight rows staggering the bricks. Cut the excess ends evenly off either side.
  3. Making the peak. Glue five rows of bricks for roof line ascending from seven to three bricks. Center each row above the other and glue together. Mark center point at top of three brick row. With ruler line up lower end of one side to this center point. Trim. Repeat for opposite side. Center this piece and glue to top of brick front.
  4. Making the chimney. Glue three rows of half bricks together from pieces cut form house front. Cut bottom of chimney at angle.
  5. Painting the house. To create uneven look of bricks paint areas of brick heavier than others leaving some of the natural cream of bricks showing through. Paint chimney. While paint is wet sprinkle pieces with glitter. Set aside to dry.
  6. Making the door. Cover front and sides of door with natural wool. Needle felt door. Take thin pieces of pink wool and needle felt trim around door. Using photo as guide needle felt two strips of pink to make window in top of door. Glue button on for door knob.
  7. Making the windows. Cover the front and sides of the three discs with natural wool. Needle felt. For the two lower windows needle felt ring around each disc with a strip of blue wool. Using snowflake mold and small snowflake needle felt a pink snowflake in center of each window. For top window needle felt a large pink snowflake in center. Add blue wool center. Spray and glitter pieces.
  8. Making the roof. Place two roof pieces on roof to determine slight angle to cut so they fit together. Cover pieces entirely with natural wool and needle felt slightly leaving fluffy. Spray and glitter.
  9. Finishing the house. Glue center support to back of house. Glue door, windows in place. Center and glue roof pieces. Glue wool piece around chimney. Insert toothpick into bottom of chimney and glue into roof as shown. To stand house up line up stand pieces on either side of back support. Insert toothpicks to keep in place.


1/4 Box – Make It: Fun® Project Bricks
Crystal Glitter
Pale pink craft paint


  1. Making the fences. Using the glue gun, glue bricks into two rows of nine and two rows of eight. Glue the rows together in pairs alternating the nine and eight rows staggering the bricks. Cut the excess ends evenly off either side.
  2. Finishing the fences. Cut six bricks in half. Glue these pieces spaced evenly to top of fences.
  3. Paint fence on all sides. While paint is wet sprinkle with glitter.  Let dry.

+One – 1-7/8″ x 2 1/2″ Egg
+One – 1-1/2″ Ball
*1/4-.4 oz package of Natural, scrap of Blue Tulip Wool Wisps™
2 black head quilt pins
1/4″ pink pompom
*Needle felt pen needle tool


  1. Making the head and body. Prepare foam by flattening wider end of egg for bottom and one side of ball for head by pressing with fingers. Insert toothpick between head and narrow end of egg body. Press pieces firmly together.
  2. Needle felting the mouse. Cover head and body loosely with natural wool wisps adding extra when needed. Felt around area where head is joined to body creating neck. Continue felting body.
  3. Making the ears and paws. Needle felt a 3″ square flat piece of natural wool on foam pad. Cut out two ears and paws using pattern from the flat piece. Needle felt end of ears to top of head curving the ends slightly. Needle felt paws to front of mouse body.
  4. Finishing the mouse. Insert pins for eyes. Glue on pompom nose. Blush cheeks and ears. Wrap thin strip of blue around neck. Needle felt to hold in place. Spray and glitter. Insert toothpick into body and fasten mouse to fence.

Birds (makes two)
+One – 15/16″ x 1-1/2″ Egg
+Two – 1″ Balls
*1/4-.4 oz packages each of Cotton Candy Pink, Blue Tulip and a scrap of Natural Wool Wisps™
4 black head quilt pins
4 toothpicks
*Needle felt pen needle tool


  1. Making the head and body. Cut egg in half lengthwise. Insert toothpick into ball heads. Press heads into wide end of egg halves.
  2. Making the birds. Cover each bird with wool, one pink and one blue. Needle felt. Add small piece of natural to end of head for beak. Needle felt. Insert quilt pin eyes. Spray and glitter.
  3. Placing the birds. Insert toothpick into bottom of each bird. Insert blue bird into roof. Insert pink bird into top of large tree.

Trees (makes three)

STRYFOAM™ Brand Foam
+One each: 4″, 6″, 9″ Cones
*1/2-.4 oz packages of each, Natural, Cotton Candy Pink, Blue Tulip Wool Wisps™
12-1″ pink buttons
*Needle felt pen needle tool


  1. Making the trees. Cover each cone with wool, 9″ with natural, 6″ with pink and 4″ with blue wool.
  2. Needle felt each tree.
  3. Finishing the trees. Glue pink buttons spaced evenly all over 9″ tree. Spray trees and glitter.

*The following sources for product in project as shown: FloraCraft® Styrofoam™ • National Nonwovens •Clover • Beacon

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