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Valentine Box

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Brand Products:
Make It: Fun® Diorama Kit, 6″ x 15″
FloraCraft Foam Hearts, pre-painted red: four 1/2″ x 3″ and three 1/2″ x 5″
(NOTE: if you can’t find pre-painted hearts, you can get the white and paint them red)

2 rolls of .59″ wide designer masking tape, black dots and strips (Elmer’s®)
Tacky glue (Elmer’s®)
8″ scissors
Red paper crimps


  1. Refer to package instructions to assemble Diorama using tacky glue and toothpicks. (Note: Diorama will be turned with opening at top to use as a box.)
  2. Using tape as it comes off roll, attach designer masking tape to vertical corners of Diorama and evenly trimming ends. Similarly, apply tape around top side edges of Diorama and then across top surface edges. For permanence, apply small amount tacky glue where tape strips overlap.
  3. Refer to photo. Position and glue one large and four small hearts to long front side of Diorama. (Note: Overlapping hearts adds dimension.) Similarly, position and glue one large heart to each short end of Diorama. Let dry.
  4. Fill box with paper crimps. As children receive Valentines, add to box in pleasing arrangement.


(800) 253-0409
One Longfellow Place
Ludington, MI 49431

Elmer’s® Products, Inc.
(888) 435-6377
460 Polaris Pkwy. Ste. 500
Westerville, OH 43082

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