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Steampunk Desk Decor

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® :
Make It: Fun® Foam, 5″ diameter Ball

Keys, approx. 60 assorted sizes, shapes and colors
Old doorplate, approx. 7″ long
Old doorknob, approx. 2 1/2″ diameter (that fits into opening in door plate)
ColorTool® spray color (Design Master®):
∙ Dark Chocolate
∙ Antique Gold (optional for keys)
∙ Copper (optional for keys)
Small, old paint brush
Paper cup
Steel wool
Old newspapers
Large cardboard box (for spraying)
Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Press top of doorknob firmly into Foam Ball to make an impression. Remove doorknob and insert pencil into center of impression in Foam Ball. Hold onto Ball by the pencil.
  2. In a well-ventilated, newspaper covered area (inside cardboard box) spray Ball with two coats Dark Chocolate. Let thoroughly dry.
  3. Note about keys: While you’ll probably purchase the doorknob and doorplate at a junk shop or antique store, the keys can be found around the house and office. If they are too shiny, simply spray paint some with various metal colors, such as Antique Gold and Copper and then rough them with steel wool and spatter with Dark Chocolate to distress.
  4. Taking one key at a time, impress key into Foam Ball, remove, apply dot of glue and set back into the impression. Try to vary key sizes and colors as you go, nestling them close to one another like a puzzle, yet still leaving approx. 1/4″ space between them. Longer keys will stick out a little further at both ends of the key, due to the curvature of the Ball. If that’s a concern, press center of key further into Ball to make a deeper center impression. Be sure not to cover impression area where doorknob will be glued.
  5. The pressure from the keys may raise some white spots on the foam. Optional: If that is a concern, spray a little Dark Chocolate into a cup and use an old paint brush to touch up those spots. You can also apply Dark Chocolate to keys to antique a little if desired.
  6. Glue key-covered Ball onto doorknob. Set doorplate flat on work surface. Hot glue base of doorknob into opening in doorplate. Set on desk as part of the room décor.



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