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Stak Tree Snowmen

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
12” Stak Tree
Balls: (1) 4” and (1) 6”

Other Materials:
Deco Art™ Snow Tex®
Dimensional Fabric Paint – Black
Red Heart® Boutique™ Doodle™ Yarn:
(2.5 Yards) Lime
(2.5 Yards) Teal
½” Pompom: red or orange
Chenille Stems: (2) any color

Low-Temp Glue Gun
Paint Brush


  1. Glue the 6” ball to the top of the base with the small opening facing up.  (If you do not wish to use the base, cut a flat spot on the 6” ball with a serrated knife.) Stack the bottom/largest three rings of the tree, centered, on top of the 6” ball. Secure each ring with low-temp glue (this is the body).  Set aside the last four rings of the tree for the hat.
  2. Glue the 4” ball to top of the rings for the head.  Brush on a coat of Snow Tex® to the 6” and 4” balls and the base.  Let dry.
  3. Cut lengths of teal and lime yarn to fit around the 3 bottom rings, as shown, and glue in place.  There will be a length in each color per ring.
  4. Fold a chenille stem in half and twist the ends together for the arm.  Cut a 16” length of teal and glue one end about ½” up from the twisted end of the chenille stem.  Wrap the yarn around the stem to completely cover, gluing again at the opposite end.  Cut a small length of lime and glue around the end of the arm for the glove’s trim.  Repeat for second arm.  Carefully insert the twisted end of the chenille stems into the center of the top ring on each side of the body.  Glue to secure.
  5. Draw the eyes and the mouth using the fabric paint.  Glue the pompom to the face for the nose.
  6. Stak the last four rings on top of the head.  Glue lengths of yarn around the rings to cover the hat.

Tip: Use different sized balls to create the different sized snowmen.
Mom: 5” ball base with four rings for the body and a 3” ball head with four rings for the hat.
Boy: No bottom ball with four rings for the body and a 2.5” head with three rings used as the hat.
Girl: No bottom ball with three rings for the body and a 2.5” head with four rings used as the hat.

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