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Inside-Out-Sock Bunnies

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For one bunny:
FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Eggs,  2 5/16″ x 3 1/16″(body) and 1 7/8″ x 2 1/2″ (head)
Design It:® Wire Cutter

Other Materials:
Chevron (zig-zag design) sock or leg warmer, one per bunny in choice of colors white & pink, white & aqua,
or white & green
1/16″ wide x 39″ length white satin ribbon
Chenille stem, white (inside ears)
Two 1/4″ diameter buttons, color to coordinate with bunny (eyes)
5 mm white pom (nose)

Serrated knife
Glue gun and glue sticks



  1. Use serrated knife to cut in half smaller egg, setting aside small half for another project. Use point of knife to gently scoop out a little of the cut end, so that it fits against larger end of larger egg. Position it slightly up on the end like the head of a crouching bunny (without legs). Hot glue it in place. Momentarily hold until set.
  2. Cut ribbon into one 15″ and three 8″ lengths. Set sock/leg warmer on table. Measure from top end (not the toe or ankle end), 8″ and cut with scissors, going straight across, through both layers, creating an 8″ tube. Set aside or discard small end of sock/leg warmer.
  3. Turn inside out. (It should look “scruffy” and textured where the fabric colors have been woven together.) Wrap one 8″ length ribbon 1/2″ in from finished (colored) end – pull tightly, knot several times and trim close to knot. This is the tail. Insert Foam Egg bunny into tube with tail end first. (Tip: Put it on as you would a sock, gathering fabric and pulling it on.)
  4. Find what will be the top of the bunny’s back and head. Rotate fabric on Foam bunny until points of colored chevrons run along back and on forehead of the head. (Note: On head, pull bottom of fabric up and onto the face, while top layer stays at top of head. This is where ears will be. (It may help to have an assistant hold it while you adjust the fabric.) Then, wrap 15″ length ribbon around neck and tightly tie. Before knotting, check to see if chevron point is still on forehead. Adjust as needed, tie and knot. Tie bow with ends.
  5. Use Wire Cutter to cut two 4″ lengths chenille stem, to use in a moment. To divide fabric so that it branch off into two ears, use scissors to cut straight in, from middle of cut-end of bottom fabric until scissors reaches top of Foam head. Also cut straight in, from middle of cut-end of top of fabric until scissors reaches top of Foam head. Spot glue just center of top and bottom fabric layers, slightly overlapping each other, on center top of head. (Tip: If you discover you’ve goofed in cutting fabric, cut again and see if you can still continue on, because the ear becomes so rolled and trimmed that yours may still work. But if it doesn’t, it’s good that the socks/leg warmers come in twos for any needed do-overs.)
  6. On top of head, insert chenille stem lengths into foam, 1″ apart, where ears will be. (Fabric will be wrapped around stems.) Then gather each side of cut fabric around chenille stem to create ears. Use 8″ lengths of ribbon to tightly tie each one and knot close to head with stems inside fabric gathers.
  7. In each ear, roll excess fabric and glue other side of fabric to it, and to chenille stem, trimming as needed, so that stem doesn’t show and fabric looks good from front. Then bend ears into curved positions.
  8. Glue two button eyes and one pom nose on face. Display so that bunny is nestled into something for support, like paper crimps or Easter grass in a small container or basket.


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