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Fabric & Trim “Hello” Wreath

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Wreath: 16”

Other Materials:
(4) Coordinating Fabric Strips: 3” x 45”
Cotton Lace Trim: 2 Styles
Fabric Flower Trim: 2 Styles
Crocheted Flowers
String: Pink
1.25” Frayed Ribbon: White
Fabric Paint or Marker
Round Head Pins

Low-Temp Glue Gun
Straight Pins
Craft Needle



  1. Cut fabric into 3” x 45” strips. You will need four strips of coordinating fabric to cover the wreath.  Attach the first strip of fabric to the back of the wreath with a straight pin and begin wrapping around, slightly overlapping each wrap.  Pin the fabric again at the back of the wreath where you stop.  Attach the next fabric strip to the wreath and continue wrapping.  Repeat to completely cover the wreath.
  2. Cut lace and trim into 8” lengths. Pin the lengths around the wreath between each color transition of fabric as shown.
  3. Cut two 1” x 12” strips of fabric and tie around the wreath over the contrasting colors of fabric.
  4. Attach the crocheted flowers using the round head pins to embellish the wreath.
  5. Cut five 4” pieces of the frayed ribbon to create the hanging banner. Cut a “V” in the bottom of each piece as shown.  Use the fabric paint or marker to write “hello” across the ribbon pieces and allow to dry.  Fold the ribbon over at the top of each letter and glue at the back to create a hem.  Thread the letters onto the string using a craft needle.  Position the banner onto the wreath and attach at the back of the wreath with a straight pin to secure.



Skill Level: Beginner


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