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Sign of Home

Browe Project Categories
Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Foam:
Sheet: 1”x12”x36”

Other Materials:
Scrapbook Paper
Scrapbook Adhesive Decorative Embellishments
Spray Adhesive
Cardstock Paper
Sequin Pins: 1”

Tracing Paper


  1. Find a font that you would like to use and print out to the size you would like.  Andalusia font was used for this project.
  2. Trace the font onto the cardstock and cut out the letters.
  3. Pin the letters to the foam sheet.
  4. Use the STYROCUTTER® to cut the foam letters from the sheet.  Read the package instructions carefully before use.  Be sure to hold the blade of the cutter at a 90 degree angle to the foam to ensure a straight uniform edge.  Use the scrap pieces of foam as sanding blocks to smooth any uneven areas.
  5. Now trace the letters onto the scrapbook paper and cut out.  Cut 1” strips of scrapbook paper to cover the edges of the letters.
  6. Spray adhesive onto the strips and glue in place to cover all the edges of the letters.  Spray adhesive on the paper letters and secure them onto the foam letters.  Let dry.
  7. Stick the scrapbook embellishments onto the letters as desired.

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