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Season’s Greetings Wreath

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Products:
FloraCraft® Foam Ring,
1 7/8″ x 2″ x 14″
Design It:® wire cutter

Design Master® Products:
ColorTEX (textured finish), Mossy (green)
Home Décor Stain, Hickory

Pine sprays, three (approx.) 37″ lengths
Red berry clusters, five
Large paper clip (for hanging)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Old newspapers


  1. In well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray wreath with ColorTEX Mossy. Let dry. To tone brightness, lightly spray with Hickory stain, allowing Mossy to show through.
  2. Use floral wire cutter to cut apart each spray, into three branches with sprigs of greenery. Refer to photo. Start at bottom of ring and horizontally insert cut end of branch into foam (going from right to left.) Shape sprigs to conform to ring curve. Going clockwise, insert next branch about 2″ away from first branch, so that sprigs over lap. Continue going clockwise around ring, with branches overlapping. (Note: If needed, cut and insert extra sprigs to fill in open areas.) For dimension, shape some sprigs to go back and some to come forward. Press long sprigs around edge of ring to sides.
  3. To embellish, refer to photo to position and insert berry clusters into wreath. Hot glue to hold.
  4. For hanger on back of wreath, slightly separate curved ends of paper clip 1/4″. Push shorter rounded end up into top back of wreath, creating hanger loop with longer end of paper clip. (Hot glue if needed.)




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One Longfellow Place
Ludington, MI 49431

Design Master®
(303) 443-5214
P.O. Box 601
Boulder, CO 80306


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