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Princess Hat Party Favor

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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An alternate event centerpiece to our pink Princess Hat Centerpiece, using different type mesh and colors.


FloraCraft® Foam Cone: 9″x4″
Design It: Simple Style® 10″ Small Soft Net: Purple
Metallic spandex or lamé fabric: Hot Pink
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
Tape measure


  1. Cut a 12″ x 12″ piece of spandex/lamé fabric. Lay the cone down in the bottom corner of the fabric even with the edge. Begin to roll the cone across the fabric to the other side. While rolling the cone, use a pencil to follow the path of the cone. Cut the fabric along the traced line. Glue the fabric to cover the cone. Create a clean, straight seam along the back of the cone. Trim the excess fabric.
  2. Cut a 12″ length of the soft net. Cover the cone with the net the same way done with the fabric. Trim the excess net. Glue the net along the seam in the back to secure in place.
  3. Cut a 12″ length of soft net and roll it lengthwise into about a 1″ tube. Wrap this rolled length of net around the bottom edge of the cone for trim. Glue the trim in place.
  4. Cut about an 18″ length of soft net. Tie a loose knot in one end of the length. Glue the knot to the top of the cone to create the train for the hat.

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