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Picnic Organizer

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Brand Products:
Two Make It: Fun® Diorama Kits, each 6″ x 15″
Design It:® Foam Cutter

Vinyl laminated type fabric (oil cloth, without fleece backing)

X-ACTO® tools:
8″ scissors
#11 craft knife
Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Refer to photo to notice that organizer is made from two Diorama kits that have been tipped on their backs and connected on their tops. However, one of the tops is not used there; instead it is trimmed down to make a divider. This creates three sections in the organizer.   *For now, to avoid confusion, leave one Diorama in package. With other Diorama, refer to “Diorama” (not “Planter”) package instructions to see how to assemble, but wait to assemble until instructed to do so.
  2. Lay each Diorama piece onto (single layer) fabric. For the smoothest look, plan how to cut each fabric piece so that it can wrap around, starting and ending at bottom edge of one long side. This allows the glued, overlapped areas to be on the thin bottom edge and thin ends, leaving the top edge and both inside and outside of organizer, smooth. (Hint: Cut one piece and cover first, following Step 3, before cutting all pieces.)
  3. Firmly wrap fabric around Diorama piece as you would a package and positioned as described in Step 2. Use glue gun to secure slightly-overlapped ends, trimming as needed to minimize bulk as much as possible. Repeat with all pieces, again, checking package instructions to see the position the piece will be in, on finished Diorama. (Reminder that Diorama is tipped backwards with thicker bottom being an outside edge of organizer.)
  4. When all of that Diorama’s pieces are covered, completely assemble, according to package directions using toothpicks. However, instead of using tacky glue, use glue gun. (Note: Use craft knife to make small slit in fabric to insert toothpicks, as needed.)
  5. Open second Diorama package. First, locate piece that goes on top (labeled “second Panel B” in Diorama package instructions). Use Foam Cutter to cut 6 1/4″ off one end, so that it measures 5 1/2″ x 6 1/4″.  Discard remaining piece. (Note: This becomes the divider to create two of the organizer’s sections.)
  6. Cover all second Diorama pieces. Assemble, connected to first Diorama. (Note: Wide edge is on the outside and thin, center divider is one shared piece.) Add small divider in middle of second Diorama.)
  7. Fill organizer with paper plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and condiments. (When filled, carry by supporting organizer from bottom.)


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