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Photo Card Memo Board

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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As seen in Create & Decorate magazine.


FloraCraft® Design It:®
∙ SimpleStyle® 2 1/2″ wide wired burlap ribbon, green, 2 yd. length
∙ Wire cutter
Elmer’s® Foam Board, white, 20″ x 30″ x 1/2″
Design Master® ColorTool® spray color, black
2/3 yd. natural burlap
2/3 yd. cream colored felt
Evergreen spray with pinecones
#9 (1/2″) brass upholstery nails, approx. 20
X-ACTO™ Tools:
∙ X3000™ craft knife
∙ 18” x 24” self healing cutting mat
∙ Metal ruler or yardstick
∙ 8″ Stainless steel scissors
Glue gun and glue sticks
Two large paper clips
Old newspapers
Transparent tape


  1. Use newspapers and tape to make sheet large enough for 20″ x 26″ pattern. Refer to pattern and use pencil to sketch shape larger – 20″ x 26″ –  onto newspaper. To make symmetrical, fold newspaper into fourths and cut out. Open, check pattern and adjust as needed.
  2. Alternative: Cut out pattern and fold into fourths. Open and cut along fold lines. Place one fourth piece onto photocopier and enlarge until it measures 10″ x 13″. (Note: Piece copied papers to get to 13″.) Then trace that enlarged fourth onto newspaper four times to make a whole piece that is 20″ x 26″.
  3. Trace full size newspaper pattern onto foam board. Use craft knife with new blade on cutting mat to cut shape. (Hint: Score lightly first and then press more firmly to cut deeper, with several passes of the knife. Replace blade often.)
  4. For felt piece that will later cover the back, place foam board shape onto felt and trace. Cut out felt shape 1″ inside the line. Set aside.
  5. For burlap that will later cover the front, place foam board shape onto fabric and cut out 2″ – 3″ outside the line. Set aside.
  6. In well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray front and sides of foam board shape with several light coats black. Let dry.
  7. To cover front, center front (black) side of foam board shape, down onto burlap. Along one straighter edge, bring burlap up and around onto back. Use glue gun to glue 3 – 4″. Diagonally, across board, similarly bring burlap fabric edge up and around foam board and hot glue. Do the same thing on the short ends; continuing to work on opposite sides going all around shape. Clip and cut burlap as needed to ease fabric. Periodically check front of burlap to see that thread lines are fairly straight.
  8. Set felt shape on back of foam board to cover burlap edges. Use hot glue all around edge to secure felt.
  9. Turn board to the front. Wrap 2 yard length green burlap ribbon around left side and knot about a third the way down on board front. Diagonally cut ribbon ends and shape to ripple.
  10. Use wire cutter to trim evergreen sprigs from spray, approx. 12″,  6″ and 4″ lengths. Hot glue sprigs under knot of bow and arrange as shown in photo.
  11. For hangers on back, measure and mark 2 1/2” down from top and 3″ in from each side. At each mark use craft knife to make 1/4″ long, horizontal slits in felt. Slightly separate curved ends of paper clips 1/4″. Insert shorter rounded ends up into slits, creating hanger loops with longer ends of paper clips. Hot glue to sandwich the clip ends between board and felt. Let dry.
  12. Refer to photo to insert upholstery nails, three per point. Use remaining nails to hold holiday photo cards.



(800) 253-0409
One Longfellow Place
Ludington, MI 49431

Elmer’s® Products, Inc.
(888) 435-6377
460 Polaris Pkwy. Ste. 500
Westerville, OH 43082

Design Master®
(303) 443-5214
P.O. Box 601
Boulder, CO 80306

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