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Pet Eggs

Browe Project Categories
Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Foam:
Eggs: 2.5” (6)

Other Materials:
Acrylic Paint: pink, lavender, lime, peach, yellow, blue
Chenille Stems: pink, lavender, green, orange, yellow, blue, black, white

Low-Temp Glue Gun
Paint Brush


  1. Paint the eggs with the colors listed above, completely covering each of the eggs in its own color.  Let dry.
  2. All eyes: Cut black stems into ½” lengths, fold in half, and insert into the top portion of the narrow end of the eggs.
  3. Pink Pig, Orange Kitty, Blue Elephant: All have the same legs.  Use 6” pieces of stems in the coordinating colors, spiral each stem around and around a toothpick and pull toothpick out.
  4. This same technique using shorter stems will create the elephant’s trunk and the pig’s tail.
  5. The bunny and the elephant’s ears can be created using bigger loops of stem to create the shape and then coil white or pink stems to fill in the center of the ear.
  6. The pig’s and cat’s ears and the ducks wings and bill are created by inserting small loops of stems in coordinating colors.
  7. The frog’s legs are creating using a bigger loop for the top portion of the back legs and smaller loops for the back feet.  For the front feet, make a loop just at the end of a small piece of stem and insert in the front.  Use a black stem for the mouth.

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