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Pears ‘n Pine Cones Vase

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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As seen in Craft Ideas magazineFC-8009 Pears'nPineconesT


FloraCraft® Products:
– Design It:® SimpleStyle® 5″ pears, five – six
– Design It:® LED Light Strands, two – four
Diamond Dust™
6″ diameter x 16″ tall clear glass vase
Design Master®
-ColorTool® spray color, White
-ColorTex texture spray, Flurry
Tack 1000 Spray Adhesive
Mess Master Spray Solvent (optional)
Pine cones, asst. sizes from 2″ to 4″, twenty – thirty
Basic supplies: Old newspapers, large cardboard box (for spraying), paper towels, soft cloth, transparent tape, 12″ ruler, scissors.


  1. Clean and thoroughly dry vase. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside box), spray bottom of vase with texture spray, allowing it to lighten and then disappear as you spray up the sides 4″ – 6″ . (Note: Apply heavier coat at base and then pull the spray can further away from the vase as you go up.) Let dry. (Tip: If at any time you do not like the look, simply apply Mess Master to dissolve and wipe away with paper towel so that you can start over.)
  2. Change newspaper in spraying area after each type of spray is used, to keep pears clean. Spray pears with one coat white ColorTool®. Then, spray pears with ColorTex and let dry. Last, one pear at a time, spray with Tack 1000 and quickly sprinkle with Diamond Dust to glitter for a “candied look”. Let dry. (Note: Keep Diamond Dust out of reach of children; Wash hands after using.)
  3. Gently unwrap LED lights. Place each strand into vase with LED end at top and other end dangling in vase. For now, tape LED ends to outside top of vase, close together at back. As you add pears and pinecones in Step 4, weave light strands back and forth through items, using ruler to help position strands and items. Turn vase often to view from all sides.
  4. Start by placing large pine cone in bottom of vase. Add pear. Fill in around them with smaller pinecones while weaving light strands. Alternate adding large pinecones and pears, as they fit together like a puzzle, continuing to work in light strands and fill with smaller pinecones until you reach the top. At the top, remove tape and conceal LED ends among pinecones, or keep taped to back and don’t display that side.
  5. If desired, set vase in an area that can have Diamond Dust™ sprinkled around it and set a pear and a few pinecones outside the vase. Follow package instructions to twist LED lights on and off.



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