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Orchids & Lights Centerpiece

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Brand Products:
FloraCraft® Foam, 12″ diameter wreath
Design It:®
SimpleStyle® Decorative Mesh, 21″ wide, 2 1/2 yds., Light Green
Water Beads, 14 grams (.9 oz.) pkg.
LED Light Strand, 34.4″
Wire Cutter
Floral Shears
Floral Pins
Floral Wire

10″ diameter x 4″ tall glass bowl
Three Cymbidium Orchid stems (13 – 15 flowers)
3″ diameter x 6″ tall, ivory candle
Glue gun and glue sticks
Plastic bucket
Paper towels


  1. Clean and thoroughly dry glass bowl. Follow package instructions to add water to water beads in plastic bucket, allowing beads to expand. Set bowl and bucket aside for now.
  2. Use Floral Shears to cut 1 yd. 27″ length Decorative Mesh. Fold Mesh over and back on itself (accordion fold) to create a 21″ square of three layers Mesh. Set wreath in middle. To cover wreath with Mesh, one at a time, wrap each side (not corner) over, onto wreath and down into center of wreath securing with a Floral Pin at a slightly upward angle (so that it doesn’t come through wreath). (Note: Fold three layers together as though it’s one layer and work on opposite sides to keep Mesh tight.) Thinking of wreath as a clock, it is now wrapped at 12, 6 and 9, 3. Continue to gently stretch, wrap and pin 10, 4 and 7,1. Then do 11,5 and 8,2. Last, wrap, tuck and pin any extra Mesh as needed, making a Mesh base for the glass bowl.
  3. Pull off or use Wire Cutter to separate eight flowers from stems, saving one four-flower stem. To cover pinned area on inside of wreath, set eight flower heads all around wreath. Tack glue to hold in place and set glass bowl on top. Trim final stem to approx. 9″ tall and vertically insert into wreath, going through Mesh. (Note: Use point of Floral Shears to cut through Mesh.) Add accents of other flower heads at front as desired, by hot gluing bottom petals to mesh.
  4. Create Mesh tufts by cutting five 5″ lengths Mesh. Fold 21″ length in half, then roll up, scrunching and pinching bottom of roll to hold. Wrap 8″ length Floral Wire and tightly twist to secure. Allow other end to unroll. Pull strands to fray edges. Hot glue gathered ends of tufts into arrangement as shown.
  5. Drain excess water from Water Beads. Pour Water Beads into glass bowl. Set candle in center. Place end (without battery pack) of LED Light Strand down in into Water Beads and evenly distribute all around candle. Follow package instructions to twist battery pack to turn on lights..


  1. tonya
    Posted March 14, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    I like this I think it looks elagant

  2. tonya
    Posted March 14, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    I think it would be beautiful on an Easter table

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