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Mesh Sunflower

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Brand Products:
Design It:® Foam Ball, 4″
Design It:® SimpleStyle®
Decorative Mesh:
∙ 6″ wide, 2 1/3 yds., yellow
∙ 6″ wide, 1 yd., Black
∙ 21″ wide, 1 1/4 yd. Light Green
Floral Shears
Floral Pins
Make It: Fun®:
Foam Cutter


Open wire basket, 6″ diameter x 6″ tall
3/16″ diameter wood dowels, one 15″ length and one 6″ length
9″ x 12″ felt, yellow
Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Use Floral Shears to cut five 8″ lengths Light Green Mesh. Use Foam Cutter to trim and set aside for now, one third off Ball. With largest portion of Ball, set flat side in middle of one length Mesh and set down into basket. Hot glue Mesh and Ball to secure to bottom basket wires. Insert long dowel into Ball and randomly arrange remaining 8″ lengths into basket to cover Ball.
  2. For petals, cut twenty-one 4″ x 6″ pieces Yellow Mesh. On each piece, trim off and discard one bound edge (to give frayed look).  Now set one-third Ball with flat side up, onto table. Layer three Mesh pieces on top of one another with remaining bound edge of each, aligned at bottom. To narrow just that bottom area, fold in sides to meet and insert Floral Pin through all layers, attaching to flat side of Ball so that petals extend out. Continue attaching all around Ball, seven groups of 3 petals in each group. (Note: Hot glue if needed to help hold.)
  3. For flower center, cut thirty 3″ squares from Black Mesh. Use small dowel to make one 1/4″ deep hole in rounded side of one-third Ball. Apply dot of hot glue into hole. Make Mesh “tuft” by setting end of dowel in middle of one Mesh square. Gather edges of Mesh up around dowel and press end with Mesh, down into hole, pressing enough for Mesh to connect with glue, but not so much that dowel sticks. Remove dowel, leaving Mesh in place. Continue making holes 1/4″ – 1/2″ apart and inserting Mesh squares, all over rounded part of one-third Ball. (Note: Cut additional Mesh squares if needed.) Then carefully slip one-third Ball onto long dowel stem in basket, in between Mesh Petals. Remove and hot glue to secure.
  4. To cover back of Ball, cut 3 3/4″ diameter circle from yellow felt and hot glue to back of Ball, covering folded Mesh and Pins.

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