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Lighted Mesh Snowman

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Brand Products:
Make It: Fun®:
∙ Foam Balls, 6″ and 8 ” diameter
∙ Foam Wreath,  5 7/8″ diameter x 1 3/16″
Design It:® Floral Pins, approx. 30
Design It:®  SimpleStyle®
Decorative Mesh:
∙ 10″ wide x 6 1/2 yds. long, White
∙ 10″ wide x 2 yds. long, Purple
∙ 10″ wide x 9″ long, Orange
Acrylic Pick Flowers:
∙ Three Pink
∙ Three Purple
Two LED Light Strands
Wire Cutter
Floral Shears

Four wood dowel pieces, 1/8″ diameter x 3″ long
Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Use Floral Shears to cut two 1 yd. lengths White Mesh. (Note: In general, the White Mesh will be attached in “poufs” that go all over each of the Foam Balls. Be willing to experiment a bit to discover what you like.)
  2. For head, use Floral Pin to attach end of one length to 6″ Foam Ball, tucking cut edge under and gathering as you pin. Grasp about 5″ length of Mesh, gather and pin about 4″ away, allowing it to make a pouf. Make next pouf at an angle. Make the third, at another angle. Continue making poufs until ball is covered. (Note: Tuck Floral Pins among folds so they don’t show.) Use second length of Mesh, after first is used up. Add pins as needed, but keep it poufy, with Mesh flowing in and out of itself, in a pleasing way. (Note: Diameter of Mesh-covered head will be approx. 8″ – 9″.)
  3. For body, repeat process with 8″ ball using three 1 1/2 yd. lengths. (Note: Diameter of Mesh-covered body will be approx. 11″ – 12″.)
  4. Rotate body to find best side for front and flattest side for bottom. Set body onto Foam Wreath. Gently pull out any poufs that may be caught by wreath, so they will come down over wreath. Insert dowel up from bottom of wreath, through Mesh and into body. Push until dowel is even with bottom of ring so that it can be set flat on table. Evenly space and insert other three dowels. Use Floral Pins to secure poufs onto side of wreath base.
  5. For scarf, fold purple Mesh in half lengthwise, and then in half again, making one long scarf. Wrap around neck and knot at snowman’s front left. Arrange tails in flowing way and secure with pins. Use Floral Shears to cut V-notches in ends.
  6. For nose, roll Orange Mesh into approx. 2″ diameter x 3″ long cone and trim excess Mesh with Floral Shears. Apply a spot of hot glue to cone point, wait momentarily and pinch until point firmly holds. Tack glue base of cone to prevent unwinding. Nestle cone among White Mesh poufs in middle of face.  Secure with Floral Pins so that they don’t show.
  7. At bottom back of body, tuck battery pack of one Light Strand into Mesh pouf folds. Bring other end of strand around to front (concealing by going in and out of poufs) and then weave up and down across body. (Tip: Turn on lights to see where to move strand so that lights are fairly evenly placed.)
  8. At back of neck, tuck second Light Strand battery pack between scarf and head. Similarly, bring other end of strand around to front and weave up and down through poufs on head. If there is excess length, feed it through to the body to add lights there. Turn off lights when not in use.
  9. For eyes and buttons, use Wire Cutter to trim Acrylic Pick Flower stems to 2″ lengths. Insert wire stems of two purple ones into eye area above nose, going through Mesh into head. Check position and when satisfied, remove, apply hot glue to back of flower and re-insert.  Similarly, for buttons, plan and glue two pink and one purple flowers down front of body.

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