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Tree Frog

Browe Project Categories
Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft®  Make It: Fun® Foam:
2 Balls, 1″ diameter
4 Balls, 1-1/2″ diameter
1 Ball, 2″ diameter
1 Ball, 2-1/2″ diameter
1 scrap piece

Other Materials:

Holiday Green Color Tool® Spray Color (Design Master®)
Olive Bright Color Tool® Spray Color (Design Master®)
Green striped scrapbook paper, 12″ x 12″
Stroke of Luck (Reminisce) Green plaid scrapbook paper, 12″ x 12″
Lucky You (Reminisce)
Red Fun Wire™, 6″ length of 18 gauge (American Art Clay Co., Inc.)
Tacky Glue (Elmer’s® Craft Bond™)
19 Yellow Brads, 1/4″ diameter (Hot Off The Press)
2 Pop-Up Dots (Glue Dots International)
2 Wiggle eyes, 20 mm
Round toothpicks
Straight pin, 1/8″ diameter, yellow head
Paper punch, 1/8″ diameter
Miscellaneous: Pencil, ruler, serrated knife,
Scissors, round pliers, old newspapers

  1. Protect work area with newspapers in a well-ventilated area. Test spray painting on scrap piece of STYROFOAM™ until comfortable with process. To hold while spraying, insert one toothpick into each STYROFOAM™ ball. Insert toothpicks into scrap of STYROFOAM™. Spray balls Holiday Green. Then spray Olive Bright to achieve desired color. Let dry — Leave toothpicks in balls. (Note: Toothpicks will be used in connecting balls to help secure.)
  2. Cut four 1″ x 10″ lengths from scrapbook paper for arms and legs. Accordion fold, without being precise, to create an irregular look.
  3. Use hole punch to make a hole 1/4″ in, on one short end of each arm and leg piece.
  4. For head, remove toothpick from 2″ ball, dot with tacky glue and reinsert. For body, remove and discard toothpick in 2-1/2″ ball. Align holes in paper arms. Insert the 2″ ball toothpick, down through holes in arms and then into 2-1/2″ ball body. Remove head with toothpick, dot with tacky glue and reinsert. Arrange arms on sides. Attach legs as you did the arms, using a pin instead of a toothpick.
  5. For eyes, trim toothpicks on the 1″ balls to 1-1/4″. Insert into top of head, positioned according to finished project photo. Remove toothpicks (each end), dot with tacky glue and reinsert. Use Pop Up Dots to attach wiggle eyes to fronts of 1″ balls. Press wiggle eyes down into head, as needed to provide extra support.
  6. For feet, remove and discard toothpicks from 1-1/2″ balls. To attach paper arms and legs, use a serrated knife to make 1″ long, 1/4″ deep slices in balls. Apply glue along cut slices and insert paper arms and legs.
  7. For body and feet spots, press seven yellow brads into stomach area and three in front of each foot. (Optional: Remove, dot with glue and reinsert.)
  8. For tongue, insert toothpick into lower center of face, pushing all the way through to the back. Remove toothpick and replacewith wire. Using pliers, coil up both ends about 1/2″.

Help this perky green tree frog “catch flies” with his tongue by moving it in and out from the back!

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