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Princess Crown and Knight’s Wrist Armor

Browe Project Categories
Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Made with Make It: Fun® PROJECT BRICKS


  • Make It: Fun® PROJECT BRICKS, one box
  • (Each project uses approximately 15 pieces)
  • Foam Saw or Serrated Knife
  • 4 Chenille Stems
  • Glitter
  • Thick White Tacky Glue
  • Aleene’s® Collage Pauge Glossy
  • Assorted Buttons (Use for projects in photos: Blumenthal Lansing)
  • Option: Beads or Jewels
  • Elastic Cord or Trim
  • Felt

Princess Crown:

  1. Thread seven Project Bricks, centered, onto one chenille stem, just like a strand of beads.
  2. To prepare to attach the next strand of bricks:
    1. Cut five 1” pieces of chenille stem.
    2. Glue one stem halfway into the top of each of the five center bricks of the seven strung bricks completed in step 1.
  3. Next strand: Thread five Bricks, centered, onto another chenille stem
    1. Cut three 1” pieces of chenille stem.
    2. Glue 1” stems into the tops of the three center bricks of the five strand of bricks, to attach the next strand.
  4. Next strand: Thread three Bricks centered onto another stem
    1. Cut one 1” piece of chenille stem.
    2. Glue 1” stem to the center brick of the strand of three bricks.
  5. Stand the strand of seven bricks onto the table with the 1” chenille stems pointing up.
  6. Glue the strand of five bricks onto the chenille stems of the strand of seven bricks.
  7. Glue the strand of three bricks onto the center of the strand of five bricks.
  8. Cut a brick in half with the Foam Saw or serrated knife and glue to the center brick at the top of the crown.
  9. Bend the crown into a curved shape to fit better on your head.
  10. OPTION: Use remaining Project Bricks to create a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring for even more Princess accessories.

Knights’ Wrist Armor:

  1. To create the “metal rods” for the armor; simply roll the bricks firmly onto a flat surface, rounding each of the corners.
  2. Thread six rods onto one chenille stem.
  3. Thread four rods onto another stem.
    1. Attach the rods the same as the crown using 1” stems between the strands.
    2. Use 1” stems to attach the rods to the center of the top and bottom of the wrist armor attaching them in the opposite direction as shown.
    3. Option: Use remaining Project Bricks to create leg armor, chest armor or extend the wrist armor to cover your whole forearm.
  4. Brush your entire creation with a heavy coat of white tacky glue and cover completely with glitter, pressing the glitter into the glue for the best bond. Let dry.
  5. Embellish your creations by gluing on buttons, beads, jewels or colorful papers. Brush on a coat of glossy collage pauge to entire creation and let dry, this will help hold the glitter and embellishments in place.
  6. Cut a piece of felt and glue to the back of the creations where they will come in contact with skin, this just makes it more comfortable to wear.

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