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Igloo Crew

Browe Project Categories
Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Brand Products:
Make It: Fun® FloraCraft® Foam:
+6″ Ball
+7/8″ x 11 7/8″ Disc
Project Bricks – Monument Edition; one box
Design It:® Foam Tools
Design It:® Foam Cutter

White acrylic paint (DecoArt® Americana®)
White Holiday Snow spray (Design Master® Premium Snow Flock)
2″ length of paper towel tube
Four 4″ x 6″ full-body photos of children playing in snow

X-ACTO® tools:
12″ x 12″ cutting mat
12″ metal ruler
5″ precision tip scissors

Tacky Glue (Elmer’s® CraftBond™)
Pencil or marker
Paint brush
Old newspapers
Paper towels


  1. To cut STYROFOAM™ Ball (nearly) in half, measure and mark 1″ below mid-line of Ball. Use Foam Cutter to cut on marked line, setting aside smaller piece for another project. Glue side of Ball, centered on STYROFOAM™ Disc.
  2. For what will become igloo entrance, measure and cut 2″ length paper towel tube.  Paint with white acrylic paint. Let dry. Flatten about 1″ section of tube. Press one open end against Ball and glue flattened section of tube to Disc base.
  3. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray Disc (only) and tube with two light coats Holiday Snow spray. (Note: Do not spray ball.) Set aside to dry.
  4. To cover tube entrance, use foam cutter on cutting mat to cut 1/8″ slices off each end of approx. seven Project Bricks (discarding middle of bricks). Refer to photo and use tacky glue to attach cut sides of slices to tube.
  5. Similarly, cut approximately 66 Project Bricks in half.  Starting next to tube entrance, use tacky glue to attach cut edges of brick halves against Ball at base. (Note: Bricks are pre-painted, so glue bricks so that painted sides will show.)
  6. Glue second row, with bricks offset by half a block, as is typical in making a “brick pattern”. Continue to glue rows of bricks to cover igloo. (Note: Because of ball curvature, bricks will tend to align at times, rather than be offset. Just keep following the process.) Cut additional Project Bricks if needed.
  7. Refer to photo. From your photos, plan where to position each child. First, generally-cut out shapes about ¾” from edge of figure, remembering to cut extra snow at bottom where photo will attach to base and igloo. (Tip: Leave extra tabs on selected sides of photos (based on your plan) so that tabs can be tucked in between igloo bricks to hold photo in place without gluing. This allows photos to be removed for storage.)
  8. Then precisely-cut exactly along edge of child’s shape, leaving tabs and snow base as part of shape.

Alternative: If photos do not have child’s entire body or can’t include snow bottoms, use photo without cutting it. Simply insert end of approx. 12” length wire, tucked down into igloo with other end coiled to hold photo.



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Design Master®
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