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FloraCraft®: Make It: Fun® Foam:
Block, 2″ x 12″ x 18″
Artificial Succulent and Air Plant Picks, six – eight assorted, ranging in height
Multi-Colored Rocks, five – seven assorted
Spanish Moss

Other Materials:
Round glass bowl, 8″ diameter
Design Master® Color TEX textured spray, Quarry color
Natural jute, 4 ply, 3 yds.
Wood beads, 1″ diameter, four light color

Cutting mat (or stack of newspapers)
large cardboard box (for spraying)
ice pick or skewer
bread wrapper twist tie
permanent marker
serrated knife
glue gun & glue sticks (optional).



  1.  Before removing the plastic, horizontally place the Foam Block on a cutting mat. On the left end, measure to the right, 12″ and make a mark on the surface on the edge closest to you. Then use a ruler and permanent marker to draw a diagonal line from the top left corner down to your mark, creating a triangle with two 12″ sides. Use a serrated knife to cut along the line. (Note: Cut through the plastic and the foam layer with several passes of the knife, keeping the knife perpendicular to the foam so that the edge is straight.) Leave plastic on large remaining piece and save for another project.
  2. To smooth and slightly round all edges/corners, press the foam edge down onto the table with even pressure as you rotate and smooth – or use the bowl of a spoon to smooth the sharp edges.
  3. Use an ice pick to carefully make a hole in each corner, 2 1/2″ in from each of the two narrow points and 1 1/2″ in from the wider (45 degree) point. (Tip: Press the ice pick straight down in and gently move around to expand and remove.)  Then, carefully twist a pencil into the channel to expand. Remove pencil.
  4. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area (inside box) spray all sides of the foam triangle with a couple of light coats of texture spray. (Tip: Use toothpicks inserted into bottom of foam to hold piece up to dry.) Let dry overnight.
  5. Remove toothpicks from dry foam. To help you thread a 1 yd. length of jute through one of the holes in the foam, wrap and secure a twist tie around one end of the twine. Feed it through the hole and pull until the jute end shows. Pull until 6″ – 8″ of the end of the jute shows from the bottom of the foam. Thread on one bead, leaving a 3″ tail, and tie a knot to hold. Untwist the tail of the jute to fray. Repeat with the other two holes. Drape the jute cords out of the way for now.
  6. Set the foam triangle in front of you with the narrow corners on the right and left side and 45 degree corner toward the back. (Note: Loosen the jute so that the beads are not under the foam – but just next to it.) Set the glass bowl upside down in the center of the triangle. Notice the size of the bowl opening. Remove the bowl and sprinkle Spanish moss in the diameter of that circle. Then arrange the air plant and succulent picks, working from the back to the front; tall plants to low plants; and inserting their ends into the foam. (Tip: Periodically set the glass bowl back in place to check the height of the taller plants so that they will fit.) Toward the very front, randomly place the rocks. Add Spanish moss as desired. Again, check to be sure the glass fits properly, tucking anything inside as needed. Optional: Use a glue gun to secure the rocks, moss and even the rim of the glass bowl in a few places, if desired.
  7. To hang, bring together the top ends of the three jute cords. Have someone else hold the triangle level, while you adjust cords to create an overhand knot. (Tip: Before tightening the knot, check the balance.) Then hang it in the corner of a room or where a wall and furniture piece meet in your home, patio or porch.

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