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Glam Ornaments

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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SuppliesMetallic Glam Ornaments

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Balls: Assorted Sizes

Other Materials:
(16 Yards) 6 mm Fused Pearls: White
(4 Yards) 1” Stretch Sequin Trim: Gold
Acrylic Paint: Silver
Jumbo Glitter: Silver
Gloss Finish Decoupage
Straight Pins
Assorted Styles/Sizes Ribbon: Gold, White and Silver

Tools:Metallic Glam Ornaments
Low-Temp Glue Gun
Paint Brush


  1. White Pearl-Wrapped Ornaments: Glue one end of the pearl strand to a foam ball. Begin spiraling the pearl strand around the first glued pearl. Spot-glue the pearls in place as you go. Completely cover the ball and glue the end where you stop.
  2. Gold Sequin-Wrapped Ornaments: Cut a strip of sequin trim that will fit all the way around a foam ball and pin in place to divide the ball in half. Cut a second piece of trim to fit around the ball in the opposite direction, dividing the ball in quarters. Now pin lengths of trim to fill in each of the four bare sections on the ball. Tuck the cut edges under the previously pinned trim to hide.
  3. Silver Glittered Ornaments: Paint a foam ball with a thick coat of silver acrylic paint. While the ball is still wet, completely cover with jumbo glitter. Let dry completely. Brush a thick coat of decoupage over the glitter. This prevents the glitter from flaking off.

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