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Faux Wood Card Box

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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As seen in Craft Ideas magazineFC-1814 FauxWoodCardBox


FloraCraft® Make It: Fun®:
Diorama Kit
Smooth Finish, four 8 oz. jars
Design It:® SimpleStyle® Glittered Organza, 6″ wide x 2 yd. length
Natural burlap garland, 5″ wide x 6″ length
Natural jute twine,14″ length
Silk flowers:
-Babies Breath, white
-Hydrangea, sage green

FloraCraft® Design It® Tools:
Foam Tools – knife
Floral Shears
Wire Cutter

DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic Paint:
-Neutral Gray
– Dove Gray
– Warm White

craft glue
glue gun & glue sticks
sample piece of wood or paneling (to copy grain)
paint brushes: Liner and 1/2″ wide
palette or plastic plate
paper towels


FC-1814 FauxWoodCardBoxStepATStep 1
Refer to manufacturer’s instructions to determine how box will be assembled later. Lay out panels on table. On thick bottom panel, use Foam Tools Knife to apply Smooth Foam, going lengthwise, (the way wood grain would go.) Press Smooth Foam into Foam crevices but still allow it to ripple and create texture, as well as leave some on the surface. See Photo.



FC-1814 FauxWoodCardBoxStepBTStep 2

Use Foam Tools Scribe to draw lines in Smooth Foam, copying sample piece of wood. Some can be thick lines, some thin. (Note: If you don’t like the lines, simply smooth over with Knife and draw again.)

See Photo.


Repeat process with all Foam panels. Let dry and then repeat on the other sides, with all panels.


FC-1814 FauxWoodCardBoxStepCTStep 3

To paint, experiment with thick bottom panel, following Steps 3 – 6, to become comfortable with process.

Brush off any crumbs from Smooth Foam on thick bottom panel. Prepare water and paper towels. Mix a little graphite with neutral gray on palette, thin with water to cream consistency and use liner brush to apply down into all scribed lines. (Note: It doesn’t have to be perfect, but stay inside lines as much as possible.) Let dry. See Photo


FC-1814 FauxWoodCardBoxStepDTStep 4

Use 1/2″ brush for remaining colors. Slightly thin Neutral Gray with water to cream consistency. Apply to top surface of panel, avoiding going into inscribed lines, but fully covering surface and edges. Let dry.

See Photo



FC-1814 FauxWoodCardBoxStepFTStep 5

Slightly thin Dove Gray with water to cream consistency. Dry the brush on paper towel and only moisten brush with small amount of paint. Use dry brush technique by scrubbing brush across surface only, with the grain, keeping brush more parallel to surface, so that bristles don’t go down into inscribed lines. This will lighten higher areas, leaving low areas darker. Use dry paper towel to remove too much paint or dampen one to remove paint from unwanted areas, let dry and reapply using dry brush technique. Let dry. See Photo


FC-1814 FauxWoodCardBoxStepETStep 6

Likewise, dry brush Warm White into just the highest areas, but blend in with paper towel. Let dry to see results and apply more if needed. See Photo

Use thinned Neutral Gray or Graphite and Neutral Gray mixture to darken edges of panel, but be sure to “feather it” (blend) out so there are no obvious starts and stops of value differences.


Step 7

Repeat Steps 3 – 6 for both sides of all panels. Let dry.

Step 8

Refer to package instructions to assemble box using Quick Dry Tacky Glue and toothpicks. (Tip: Select your favorite panels for the outside.)

Step 9

Use floral shears to cut 2 yds. Glittered Organza, wrap around box and knot at front center. Cut V-notches in both ends. Cut heart shape out of Burlap Garland and use Quick Dry Glue to attach over knot. Wrap Babies Breath and green hydrangea sprigs with Jute Twine and tie into bow. Glue to center of Burlap heart.

tip: Change the look by using browns and tans in acrylic paint instead of grays. Or dry brush touches of a color (such as blue or green) over the gray so that the box looks like colored paint wore off of it. Once you master the technique there are lots of possibilities!





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