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Faux Gingerbread Cookie Garland

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Faux Gingerbread Cookie GarlandSuggestions

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Sheet: ½” x 12” x 36”

Other Materials:
Metal Cookie Cutters: Gingerbread Man, Star and Circle Ornament
Acrylic Paint: Cinnamon Brown
Fabric Paint: White
(3 Yards) ¼” Satin Ribbon: Red
Baker’s Twine: Red/White

Make It: Fun® Foam Tools
Low-Temp Glue Gun


Faux Gingerbread Cookie Garland

Press the cookie cutter into the foam. Press firmly, making sure to go all the way through the foam sheet. Remove the cutter from the foam and gently press out the foam shape from the cutter.

Faux Gingerbread Cookie Garland

Use the rasp from the tool kit to gently smooth the edges of the shape.

Faux Gingerbread Cookie Garland

Paint foam shapes cinnamon brown and let dry. Insert the tuck tool through the foam shape to create two small slits about ½” apart. This is where you will thread the ribbon through the shapes.

Faux Gingerbread Cookie Garland

Decorate the shapes with white fabric paint and let dry. Tie bows around the gingerbread men with baker’s twine as shown.

Faux Gingerbread Cookie Garland

Thread the shapes onto the red satin ribbon to hang.

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