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Faux Birch Christmas Tree

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Foam:
Sheet: 12”x18”x1”
Cube: 5”x5”

Other Materials:
Design It:® Simple Style® 18” Burlap Roll
Design It:® Simple Style® Jute Twine
Small Ornaments: (30)
Straight Tree Branches: Approx. ½” Diameter
Faux Birch Paper
Jingle Bell: Red
Ribbon: 1 ½” Red w/ Dots
Small White Buttons

Low-Temp Glue Gun
Make It: Fun® Foam Cutter or Serrated Knife


  1. Cut three 18”x3” pieces from the foam sheet.  Save the remaining piece for a future project.  Glue the three pieces on top of one another to create a 3”x3”x18” piece of foam.  Use the foam cutter to trim the corners along the sides of the foam piece.  Taper it slightly towards the top to create a rounded tree trunk.  Glue the faux birch paper to cover the trunk.  Glue the tree trunk to the top of the 5” cube.  Insert a 4” length of tree branch between the tree trunk and the cube before gluing for a more secure hold.
  2. Cut the ½” diameter tree branches; two-10”, two-8 ½”, two-6 ½”, two-5”, and two-3 ½”.  Cut one 5” piece for the top of the tree to hold the star.  Cut five-5 ½” smaller twigs for the star.  Paint all the branches white and let dry.  Glue the branches into the tree trunk on opposite sides about 3” apart.  Use the tip of the scissors to pilot a hole thru the paper.  Glue the 5” branch into the top of the tree.  Glue the twigs together in a star shape.  Glue the star to the top of the tree.  Tie a length of twine to the jingle bell and hang it in the center of the star.
  3. Cut an 18”x18” piece of burlap.  Set the 5” cube in the center of the burlap square and wrap the burlap up around the sides of the cube.  Gather the edges of the burlap around the tree trunk and secure in place with the twine.  Glue lengths of ribbon and glue them around the tree trunk at every branch.  Make a small bow and glue to the front of the burlap cube.
  4. Glue a small white button to the top of all the ornaments.  Hang the ornaments on the branches.


One Comment

  1. emmie
    Posted August 3, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    I adding a round Styrofoam disc to bottom balance and stability.I will make a small tree skirt to cover base.

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