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Duct Tape Flower

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® :

Make It: Fun® Foam
Block, 1 15/16″ x 11 7/8″ x 17 7/8″
Ball,  4″ diameter
Foam Cutter
Design It:®
Floral Shears
Design It:® SimpleStyle® Rocks

5 1/2″ x 18 3/4″ pink metal bucket
Duct tape, four rolls of coordinating patterns/colors
20″ length of 1/2″ diameter wood dowel
Paper shreds, purple or color to match duct tape
Misc.: Glue gun, ruler, pencil, black permanent felt tip marker, copy paper, transparent tape



  1. To make paper large enough to make pattern for flower, tape two sheets of paper, side by side (using transparent tape). Repeat with two more sheets and then tape all four sheets together in a 4-square arrangement. Place one roll of duct tape in center of paper. Trace around it with pencil to make flower center. To draw petals, move roll outside of center circle, but just touching line. Lightly draw around it for first petal.
  2. For second petal, move roll directly across from first petal, touching center line and trace around it. Trace third petal next to first and trace fourth petal directly across from it. Last, trace fifth petal in remaining space and trace sixth petal directly across from it. Adjust petals and retrace if needed to even out.
    Locate where petals just touch each other and erase line inside of that, but leave center circle line. This should give you the outline for cutting the six-petal flower. Cut out with floral shears.
  3. Use marker to trace pattern onto Foam. Use Foam Cutter to cut Foam. (Note: Keep blade perpendicular to Foam so that edges of flower don’t angle in or out.) Also cut Foam Ball in half. Then, press on all pointed edges to compress Foam and round edges.
  4. To cover half Ball with tape, tear off approx. 2″ from duct tape roll and attach to rounded part of half Ball. Repeat, adding more overlapping pieces of tape, with patterns going at all different angles, until half Ball is covered. Repeat with other half Ball.  Set aside for now.
  5. On Foam flower, use marker to make a dot in the center. Use ruler and marker to draw a line from the “joint’ where two petals meet, going to the center dot. Repeat for all six lines. This will show you where one petal stops and another starts. Turn over Foam flower and repeat on that side, too.
  6. Just as you tore off 2″ squares of tape for half Balls, do the same with petals, remembering to make opposite petals the same color/pattern tape so that design is balanced. Cover front, go around edges and onto back side so that front and back look the same. (Note: You don’t have to cover the center areas, since they will be covered by the half Balls on both sides of the flower.)
  7. Hot glue half Ball onto center of flower, on each side.
  8. Carefully use point of Foam Cutter blade to make hole in between two petals on bottom of flower. Insert end of 20″ length dowel into flower a couple of inches. In metal can, glue one large scrap of Foam (left over from cutting flower), into bottom of can. Hot glue foam in place and press other end of dowel into it. Fill all around foam and on top of it with rocks to add stability and weight to the can. At top, fill with paper shreds.

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