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Door Knob Wreath

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Make It: Fun® Foam Wreath, 14″ diameter x 2″ thick with beveled edge
Design It:®
Floral Shears
Wire Cutter
Floral Pins              

Wired burlap ribbon, natural color, 2 1/2″ wide x 3 1/2 yds.
Antique (rusty) decorative architectural items:
Two 6″ long doorplates
2 1/2″ doorknob
Two approx. 3″ long skeleton keys
Old dictionary pages, 8 – 10
DecoArt® Oak Gel Stain™
Tombow® Mono Glue Stick
Wood dowel, approx. 5/16″ x 2 3/4″ long (to fit into door knob)
Pencil sharpener
Paintbrush, medium size
Paper towels
Twist tie or 5″ wire
Large paper clip (hanger loop)
Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Tear approx. 2″ pieces of dictionary pages and attach to wreath by applying glue stick to foam surface and setting pieces into glue. Overlap pieces at various angles so that an area is totally covered. Then apply glue stick to top of paper to act as a decoupage finish. Continue working all over top, bottom and sides of wreath. Let dry.
  2. To antique edges of wreath, apply a little gel stain with paintbrush along the edge, and then rub with paper towel to stain the area. Continue applying and rubbing small sections at a time, all along top, bottom and inside edges of wreath. (Note: While gel stain is still damp, rub off or add as much as needed to achieve the desired darkness.) Let dry.
  3. Cut burlap ribbon in half (two 1 3/4 yd. lengths). With one length, loosely wrap around wreath five times, scrunching wired edge and ribbon to make it irregular. Hot glue ends in front on bottom right side. Also spot glue burlap wraps on back to hold wraps in place, as desired.
  4.  To make a three-loop bow, use remaining ribbon as follows: Leaving 10″ at one end for bow’s tail, fold ribbon into 5″ long loop and pinch (along with tail). Continue with ribbon, making two more loops and pinching to hold them. There should be about 10″ left at other end for other tail. (Note: If not, start again and adjust loops.) Secure with twist tie. Scrunch bow loops and tails. Remove several strands from each tail end to fray. Hot glue bow to wreath at bottom right.
  5. Check to be sure 2 3/4″ long dowel fits into base of doorknob. Sharpen one end of dowel in pencil sharpener. Insert and glue other end into doorknob and push sharpened end into center of bow, going down into foam wreath. Glue if necessary.
  6.  Arrange doorplates above and below bow and hot glue. Also glue keys to lower left side of wreath. To make hanger loop from paper clip, slightly separate curved ends of paper clip 1/4″. On top back, insert shorter, rounded end up into wreath, creating hanger loop with longer end of paper clip.



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