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Crow Silhouette

Browe Project Categories
Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Foam:
Sheet: 1”x12”x18”

Other Materials:
Acrylic Paint: Black

FloraCraft® STYROCUTTER® Plus
Paint Brush
Straight Pins


  1. Print and cut out the crow pattern and pin it to the foam sheet.
  2. Use the STYROCUTTER® Plus, following the package instructions carefully, to cut the crow from the foam sheet.  Use the edge of the pattern as a guide.  Do not force the blade through the foam; instead let the blade melt through on its own.  If the blade is bending you are pushing too hard.  Keep a steady pace.
  3. Paint the crow black and let dry.


Click for crow pattern: Crow_Die-line


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