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Copper Leaf Wreath

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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As seen in Decorating Digest Craft & Home, Fall 2012


• 12″ straw wreath (with plastic wrapping intact)
Design It:™ Floral Wire Cutter

Design Master® ColorTool® spray color: Copper, Dark Chocolate and Antique Gold
Elmer’s® X-ACTO® #11 Craft Knife
(3) Oak leaf bushes (with total of 40 – 60 leaves)
glittered floral spike
dried lotus pod
(3) walnuts
glue gun and glue sticks
large paperclip
old newspapers


  1. (Note: If straw wreath doesn’t have plastic wrapping, use packing or duct tape to wrap around wreath to cover.) In well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray plastic-covered wreath with Dark Chocolate. Let dry. For spattered look, lightly spray Copper by depressing nozzle partially down and allowing spray to spatter onto wreath.
  2. Use Floral Cutter to cut bushes into 3 – 5 leaf clusters. Spread leaves out and spray with Copper. Let dry. Turn over leaves and spray other sides. Similarly, spatter leaves with Dark Chocolate spray paint.
  3. Spray glittered floral spike Copper, lotus pod Dark Chocolate and walnuts Antique Gold. Let dry. Set aside.
  4. Starting at bottom of wreath, use glue gun to horizontally attach first set of leaves, with stem on right. Continue gluing stems, counterclockwise around wreath, with leaves overlapping stems of previous leaves.
  5. To embellish, refer to photo and tuck and glue glittered stem among leaves on left. Glue an additional set of leaves to cover stem. Refer to photo for position, and glue lotus pod and walnuts as shown.
  6. For hanger on back, use Craft Knife to make 1/4″ long, shallow horizontal slit at top center. Carefully insert knife blade into slit, angled up toward top and remove. Slightly separate curved ends of paper clip 1/4″. Insert shorter rounded end up into slit, creating hanger loop with longer ends of paper clips. (Hot glue if loose.)


(800) 253-0409
One Longfellow Place
Ludington, MI 49431

Design Master®
(303) 443-5214
P.O. Box 601
Boulder, CO 80306

Elmer’s® Products, Inc.
(888) 435-6377
460 Polaris Pkwy. Ste. 500
Westerville, OH 43082

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