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Cash Candle Cake

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FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Foam Cake FormcakeCandle-CGH-pixels96: 3.937″ x 7.937″

Other Materials:
12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper, three sheets of coordinating birthday-themed papers
Optional: Die-cut sheet of birthday greeting and hats and candles
Sandwich picks (or long toothpicks or thin 3″ long wood dowels)
Dollar (or higher!) paper bills, as many as the age of the birthday honoree
Glue stick
Transparent tape
Bowl or plate to trace approx. 12″ diameter circle or compass

Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Decide which papers should go where: Cake top, cake side and circular base. Set Foam Cake Form onto cake top paper and trace around it. Use scissors to cut out circle. Apply generous amount of glue stick to top Foam Cake Form and attach paper circle.
  2. Measure and mark cake side paper into thirds so that you have three 4″ x 12″ strips. Cut along pencil lines. Apply glue stick to cake form and attach one paper strip. Repeat to attach second paper strip so that ends just touch (or slightly overlap if needed. Use glue gun to hold ends.) Then cut a small piece of paper to fill in small gap.
  3. Decide number of candles (age of honoree) and plan even spacing on cake top. Insert that number of sandwich picks into Foam Cake Form, going down through paper. (If difficult to poke through, use point of scissors to make small starter hole, first.) Don’t glue toothpicks – foam will hold them.
  4. Roll each dollar bill around pencil and tape to hold. Remove from pencil and set bills onto sandwich picks. Punch out flames (or draw some on scrap cardstock, color yellow and orange and cut out). Hot glue to tops of sandwich picks (but not dollar bills).
  5. Punch out or cut out “Happy Birthday” greeting and hot glue to side of cake. Similarly add hats, extending up above top edge of cake for dimension.
  6. Trace around (approx.) 12″ diameter bowl/plate onto circular base paper. Cut out and place underneath cake. By not gluing the toothpicks, you can remove them and insert more or fewer candles for the next birthday party!



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