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Candy Cane of Decorative Mesh

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Product:
Design It:® Simple Style® 10” Decorative Mesh (Red/White Stripe)
Design It:® Simple Style® 6” Decorative Mesh (Red/Silver Stripe)
Design It:®  Simple Style® Decorative Aluminum Wire (Red)
Design It:® Wire Cutters
Design It:® Floral Shears
Other Materials:
Red Chenille Stems (10)
Red Tape


  1. Use the wire cutters to cut six 28” pieces of red decorative wire.  Twist them tightly together into one thick piece of wire.  Apply tape to the ends of the wires to cover any sharp edges.  Shape the wire into a candy cane shape.
  2. Cut the chenille stems in half.
  3. Gather the end of the mesh together and use a half chenille stem to secure the mesh to the end of the wire. Be sure to tuck the end of the mesh under before securing to hide the cut ends.
  4. Measure out 10” of mesh and gather the mesh together again at this point.  Loop the mesh and secure the gathered section to the wire again about 1.5” up from the end where you first secured the end of the mesh.  Repeat the process of gathering, looping and securing.  Secure the mesh along the length of the wire about 1.5” apart.
  5. Make a bow from the 6” red/silver stripe mesh.  Use a chenille stem to secure the bow to the wire.


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