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Burlap Ribbon Table Decor

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Welcome your friends with this warm autumn decor, by using a foam wreath as a base to your decoration.


Make It:® Fun Foam:
∙ 12″ beveled ring, white
∙ 7 7/8″ x 15/16″ disc, white
Design It:® SimpleStyle®
2 1/2″ wide wired burlap ribbon, 2 yds. cream; 12″ length green

Glass vase, hurricane shape, 5″ diameter, 7″ tall
Candle, 3″ diameter, 7″ tall
Design Master® COLORTOOL® spray color, October Brown
1 yd. length of approx. 2mm diameter tying twine, bleached
Asst. dried naturals:
∙ Pine cones, three 4″ – 5″ long, brown
∙ Spiral pods, two 2 1/2″ long, bleached
∙ Dried pom stems, two approx. 4″ lengths, copper
∙ Bay leaf stems, two approx. 10″ lengths, copper

FloraCraft® Design It:® floral shears
Yarn needle (large eye for stitching with twine)

basic supplies: glue gun and glue sticks, ruler, old newspapers


  1. In well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray foam ring and disc on all sides and edges with two coats Ocober Brown. Let dry.
  2. Position ring with beveled side up, centered onto disc. Use glue gun to attach, spot gluing in a few places all around disc. Let dry.
  3. Use floral shears to cut 2 yds. length cream burlap ribbon and 1 yd. length twine.  Thread needle with twine. By hand, make running stitch down center of burlap ribbon, from one end to the other. Wait to knot ends. Pull twine to gather burlap ribbon into circle with ends touching and place on top of sprayed ring/disc. (Note: Burlap ribbon should just fit top of ring. Tie ends of twine and cut excess.
  4. For an interesting look, mentally divide the circle in thirds. Then distribute gathers in burlap ribbon so that three areas (about 3″ long) have tight gathers and the spaces between have more loosely gathered ribbon. Use glue gun to spot glue gathers to hold in place on ring.
  5. Refer to photo. Looking from top down onto ring, on left side, hot glue bay leaf stems, with leaves extending beyond edge. Plan positioning of other dried items, hot gluing pine cones first and tucking other pieces all around.
  6. To make burlap tufts, cut two 6″ lengths green burlap ribbon. Fray edges by removing three or four width-wise threads on each end.  Fold each in half and then twist fold to create a tuft. Tuck and glue tufts among tried items.
  7. Set glass vase in center of ring and place candle inside.



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