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Burlap Fold ‘n Wrap Wreath

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Design It:®:
Silks & Naturals™ Square Foam Wreath, Green, 1 15/16 ” x 13 15/16″
Floral Shears

5″ wide burlap: 3 1/3 yd. natural; 2 1/4 yd. red; 1 1/2 yd. blue
1″ diameter natural wood button
twist tie or 4″ length fine wire
large paper clip
Glue stick
Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Use Floral Shears to cut:
    Natural: Eleven 5″ x 10″ lengths; one 5″ x 8″ length
    Red: Five 5″ x 10″ lengths; one 5″ x 8″ length; one 5″ x 18″ length
    Blue: Six 5″ x 10″ lengths; one 5″ x 8″ length
  2. Set aside all but 10″ lengths for now. Start at top left of wreath with one red 10″ length as follows: On table, fold long edges in to meet at center and wrap folded piece around wreath, slightly overlapping and hot gluing ends on back.
  3. Repeat with natural 10″ length burlap, on right of and touching first length. Repeat with blue 10″ length. (Note pattern is created by natural burlap being every other length used.) Wait to wrap next natural length. (This will leave an uncovered Foam area until after you do top right corner. Note that you will be wrapping a little out of order but this allows for lengths to overlap nicely.)
  4. Go down to just under top right corner and wrap natural length.
  5. Now, for top right corner, use Floral Shears to cut one 8″ red length in half lengthwise. To cover outside corner edge of Foam frame (because it will show between lengths being wrapped) apply glue stick to Foam on outside of corner. Set 2 1/2″ x 8″ length red piece into glue. Then fold and wrap red 10″ length as you did before, but wrap around corner.
  6. Then, go back and wrap natural length to left of top right corner, overlapping part of red corner length.
  7. Continue working all around wreath with wrapped lengths, paying attention to corners and how you want overlaps to go. (Note that you’ll only use one half of the red and blue 8″ strips – discard other halves. Also note that there will be extra lengths to be used for flower accents.)
  8. For flower, fan fold 5″ x 18″ length and use twist tie in center to hold. Glue ends together where they meet, underneath, so that glue doesn’t show. Glue flower to bottom left corner and button in center. For half flower, cut blue 10″ length in half lengthwise and use one half. Fan fold and glue cut ends together and then underneath ruffle of red flower on bottom right. Repeat with natural 10″ length and glue above flower.
  9. For hanger on back, use Floral Shears to make small cut through burlap on top center back of wreath, closer to inside edge. Separate curved ends of paper clip 1/2″. Insert shorter end of clip through slit into wreath, allowing end of clip to extend out for hanger loop. Secure with hot glue.

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