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“BOO!” Sign

Browe Project Categories
Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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FloraCraft® Foam:
One – Sheet, ½ x12x36”

Other Materials:
Spray Paints: black, purple, green
Spider Webbing with spiders

Styro Cutter® PLUS
Design It: ® Foam Cutter
or serrated knife 
Low-Temp Glue Gun
Black Marker


  1. Cut the 36” sheet in half to create two 12×18” sheets.  Spray paint one sheet purple, be sure to hold the can at least 12” away and let one coat dry before applying the next to achieve your desired shade.  Applying too heavy of a coat will melt the foam.  Use the black paint around the edges and to shadow the corners.
  2. Use the second 12×18” sheet for cutting out the bone lettering.  Use the black marker to draw the individual bone pieces onto the sheet.  The letter “B” needs six bones, and the two “O’s” need four bones each.
  3. Glue the bone letters together.  Spray unevenly with green paint and add shadows with the black.
  4. Glue the letters to the 12×18 sheet.
  5. Drape with spider webbing and spiders.

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