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Ball & Chain

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Costume accessory or decoration over the door or on the table!


FloraCraft® Foam:
Ball: 6”

Other Materials:
Duct Tape: Black
Craft Foam Sheets:  (2) 3/16”x9”x12”; Black

Low-Temp Glue Gun
Floral Pins


  1. Cut 1” x 9” strips from the craft foam sheet to create the individual links of the chain.  Cut a 2” x 12” strip for the larger cuff at the end of the chain.  Glue the ends of the foam strips together linking each strip into the next to complete the chain.  Link the cuff through the last chain link and glue the ends to secure the cuff in place.
  2. Completely cover the ball with strips of duct tape.  Pull the tape around tightly trying to stretch out as many wrinkles as you can.  Be sure to overlap each piece of tape for a secure hold.
  3. Cut a 2”x9” strip of craft foam.  Link it through the end of the chain opposite the cuff and glue the ends to secure the link in place.  Glue the 2” link to the ball and pin to secure in place.

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